खुकुरी or खुकुरि

It is a Age told debate what came first:

Was it chicken or was it egg, is it खुकुरी or खुकुरि well I am not a curator or anthropologist (मानवशास्त्री), and I will leave the people to decide as there are many things in this world to talk about. Around 3 years ago we had a party, it was not a massive lavish party but just a get-together of old buddies. When we talk about the party the key ingredients are booze, alcohol, whatever. I myself am not a big fan of alcohol, it doesn’t bond with me so just to keep the sanity of the party I had a small drink.

Being around winter we choosed Rum, and when you say Rum in Nepal there is one that takes the center stage- Kukuri Rum.

I was just looking at the bottle and something was not right. Maybe I was mistaken cause this big company would not make such a major mistake. I found the spelling of Kukuri to be wrong in the front label of the Rum.

Actual Bottle of Kukuri Rum.

It stood just opposite.

If you look at the picture over there the spelling is so wrong that The Nepal Distilleries Private Limited could not have made such a mistake. My curiosity rose more and I double-checked every khukuri word I could find. Everywhere I found the same answer. These brands of Rum are not only sold in Nepal but abroad as well, the good thing is most of the drinkers would not even care what it is. It is supposed to be खुकुरी and not खुकुरि. Maybe the mistake doesn’t look that much but just to clarify things I called Nepal Distilleries. The first 2 rings were not answered, then when I heard the voice on the other side, I asked him to transfer me to the HR Division. I actually do not remember whom I talked with but when I asked for clarification he said he will call me back in 5 mins. The call never came, so I thought maybe they have rectified the spelling on the upcoming stocks.

Kukuri Rum packaged for Russia

They came up with different designs for the world but for Nepal, it remained the same. Every now and then I look at the bottle if it has been rectified. It is still the same. If anyone for Kukuri Rum is reading this, my message is not a complaint or raise a subject but because I care.

I care..I care for products that are made in my country. As most of the things are imported I find it with my head raised high to see products made in Nepal to see in the shelves abroad.

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