A man with GOD’s hand

MRI of my hip

Seems Strange

For those who haven’t had any sort of health problem God forbid it, even I am not an Astik or Nastik do say so. The images above were taken some months back, I had pain in my left hip. First, it was mild then slowly day by day it turned into a nightmare. The pain was so intense that with every step I took it felt like someone is piercing me with a hot rod deep inside the bone.

I did what normal people do, went to the clinics and hospitals. One after another regardless of the bill every doctor I had visited and tested gave me a different diagnosis. Finally, after the X-ray below the doctors advised me that I had to go through surgery and that also multiple surgeries. My road to be pain-free and lead a normal life seems very distant. During my visit with the doctors, the check-up papers were piling up and they could not give me the answer still. I know this much that doctors do not like me, especially in Nepal. They do not like to be questioned, and I have a curious habit of asking the question. If I ask them just a question like- What is this medication for? The answer was- Are you the doctor or I am the doctor? I want to slap his face and say you are in that seat for us, to serve us, to help us, to answer our queries or else you can amputate your own nose and start dressing it on a daily basis.

We are all here because we have a role to play. Without it, I would say time won’t stop but the world will. Everyone needs to be respected not due to his position but what he deserves.

Finding a Hero

One thing was certain, being Nepalese I am not saying that our medical system is bad but the ego that the doctors have with them is worse. One more thing the treatment I, if I had undergone the surgery in Nepal it would be very less potent. I am not blaming the skills that they hold but we still lack the medical advancement that our neighbouring countries have. For the next 6 months of my two or more years of suffering, I tried to find countless doctors, I mailed many, very few answered. This was now about my life, either to live with this pain for the rest of my life or to do something. The closest and best Doctor or Surgeon or Angel without wings was the one in New Delhi. I knew it would be costly and comparing to the cheapest hospital in Nepal the prices were the same.

It was not about the money but about life. I also want to contribute to society, I also want to help others in the end it’s all karma. I hadn’t realised that my hip or femur head had gone so damaged that living with the pain was a part of me. Upon asking doctors they have no answers why and how it happens.

If you compare both sides it’s very visible my condition

Finding my Angel

This pain had completely changed my life, neither I could walk, neither I could do any basic things. I could not even defend myself or run from a fire if it breaks. I still clearly remember the day when I was looking, browsing or Googling whatever you call it I came across a video on Youtube. It was the Video uploaded by Dr Ashwani Maichand.https://www.apollospectra.com/doctors/delhi/karol-bagh/dr-ashwani-maichand/

I immediately felt a connection, the connection of trust, the connection that this is the person who can save me from this misery I am living in. Let me introduce you to my saviour, a person who has given me a new life. A person I can never deny his existence. These are the true demigods, not those who fake it.

a demigod in the form of human

The interaction

My plan was to go to Delhi, talk to a couple of doctors then decide which one is better. I had watched Dr Ashwani’s uploaded videos and on top of that meeting, the doctor personally felt like a dream. Apart from all the qualities that a good gentleman possesses, he has such a soft-spoken voice as if it is coming from the universe. Half of my pain was diminished by just hearing him. He has patience, he knows what is he doing, he knows one size doesn’t fit all, his sense of humour is so calming and smooth till my last breath I would not forget this person. The best thing about him is his view of positivity, I am not ashamed to say the hospital is not a place to be in but with him, I can and I bet all humanity can rely their lives on. His body language and on top of that the way he explains the problems and the solution as well- he can be a teacher, a good faithful loveable husband, a dedicated professional, a great father, a best friend to be with ( I don’t mind going on an Annapurna circuit trek with him, it would be a privilege). Although, I do not come from a family that can afford such surgeries easily and had to be thought upon thousand times. I could not lose missing him- I trust him with every ounce of blood in my veins.

some minor victories

The Verdict

That was my opinion and I am not going to change it. If any one of you even question me about similar problems, my answer is straight Dr Ashwani Maichand. Even he is well known and people come from far just for him he will never abandon you or ignore you. I genuinely believe that angels come in different forms and he is a part of it. My wish is if only he had wings, then again it would be difficult to sanitize. Well, Dr Ashwani, I am a difficult person I know that but you have broken me into tears with you by my side and making me able to walk again. Lastly, if you are reading this- I LOVE YOU and I RESPECT YOU. Do not take it in another sense, you know what I mean.

the hospital

Lastly, God Bless you as he has although you have your rainy days but may he keep you dry and warm.

Below is an example of the video he has created to educate people

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