Bhagavad-gita As It Is

we all believe in faithful.


`yo na hrsyati na dvesti
na socati na kanksati
bhaktiman yah sa me priyah

TRANSLATION: One who neither grasps pleasure or grief, who neither laments nor desires, and who renounces both auspicious and inauspicious things, is very dear to Me.


A pure devotee is neither happy nor distressed over material gain and loss, nor is he very much anxious to get a son or disciple, nor is he distressed by not getting them. If he loses anything which is very dear to him, he does not lament. Similarly, if he does not get what he desires, he is not distressed. He is transcendental in the face of all kinds of auspicious, inauspicious and sinful activities. He is prepared to accept all kinds of risks for the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord. Nothing is an impediment in the discharge of his devotional service.



Normally I tend not to get involved in the religion, be it orthodox or Sunni Muslim. This text is directly taken from a religious book called Bhagavad Gita. It is considered one of the holiest book and the most important part is these are the words directly spoken by the Lord himself. What I consider and think of is the myth of Mahabharata, the whole and dynamic storyline that happened for the publication of the Bhagavad Gita.

I have not read the whole epic book but since I had placed it on the Sitting Room table, once in a while I often read some of the verses. Since the text is in Sanskrit, it’s words described in English and it has a translation in English and then it ends with Purport. This makes easy reading to all the ages of the reader and even their English is poor, the book itself designed for all the categories of the readers. Be it religious, philosophy, motivational or even at times opportunity cost( this is derived from economic, so if you are not familiar with it please help your self out )

When I went through the article it somehow relates to my previous post called unfuckwithable

I seriously had no idea that this would relate to that.So basically there is something comes out of something. There is nothing that comes out of nothing let it be even an idea. It is the matter of race and time, who speaks out first and at what era.

In a way states that a certain pure devotee to him is neither act too happy or too much sad when he/she gains or loses martialist thing. This is so true that we are too much attached to fame and glory, in the end,s it’s all about money. We are a slave to the money then we die. And the devotee also does not stay sorrowful or in the state of lamenting too long, they believe that they have God to hold on to. He will ease the pain and answers all your unanswered questions. Well, I have not been a devotee to any one of them hence I have lots of unanswered questions. I fear it is a ticking bomb, and one day I will take the toll of it.

Now the most and interesting word submitted in this book is the word “transcendental” which relates to any promising wise future or even happen to be unlucky. Many different religious groups take sinful act in different ways, it may bee in sinful in one religion and not in the other. A mere example would be it is no sin to eat cow meat in other religion but it might be a huge sinful act in some religion.

Here the devotee is ready to accept all auspicious, inauspicious and sinful acts, and he is prepared to accept all kinds of risks for the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord. No matter what it takes even it comes in the form of risk, he is ready to take it.

A similar version if it has been spoken by Marcus- Roman Emperor. This is what fascinates me. The great men have a great mind. Their thoughts are beyond the face of the earth and they have proven time and time again how humble they can be when it comes to love and their God and how much ferocious and giantly they can become with the same God in their side. The final ending states that

Nothing is an impediment in the discharge of his devotional service. Such a devotee is very dear to Krsna

Now, the thoughts are all yours to think, but as for me the road is still very long and at times it hasn’t been a smooth ride but rather bumpy and rough. Do I have to become a devotee myself? Both the question and answers lie within me, and now that is the hardest part.

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