Bringing your Dog from Another Country

Bringing your K-9 from one country to another is always challenging, when you go through the very sites it might confuse you as there are no dedicated information regarding it. But, do not confuse yourself. It is not difficult in Nepal but there are certain paper works that one must follow.Always remember if you do not  hold all valid documents then the point of exit wont allow you to fly with your dog, for example if you do not hold a valid u.s visa then the Nepal airport won’t let you fly. It’s not like you are allowed to fly to states then returned back.

As, i was starting to research every one had a different experience bringing their dog in Nepal.

I will let you know my version.

My point of exit was middle east to be precise it was State of Kuwait.I had a very hard time bringing in the dog with me. It was not the paperwork i was lacking but after all the airlines had refused to fly my dog and my time was running out. I had one ticket purchased, then the airlines informed me i cant fly my dog with it. Then i got another ticket for India, plan was to get to India then take any source of transportation to Nepal.Later, i came to know that India forbids any pets that is passing through it to another country.

I ran out of option and contacted the airlines head office directly stating my problem,they said i can.

Although, i had to purchase one after another ticket it was not my primary problem.It was solved, let me get you through the documents that i had to prepare before the flight.

Pet Microchip:

Although in Nepal the culture of microchip is not there back in Kuwait it had to be done and thankfully Goldie was micro chipped.


This is the most important for both point of entry and point of exit.Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies between 30 days and 12 months prior to entering the country.

Health Certificate:

Veterinary Health Certificate for Nepal must be completed by a licensed veterinarian in your originating country just prior to travel. I got the certificate from the vet back in Kuwait.

Export Permit:

Although no import permit is required for Nepal, there should be an export permit which i got it stamped and signed in the office of agriculture and livestock back in Kuwait.I had to prepare all the above papers along with my i.d and flight details. This was the most important paper as without it i was not eligible to fly with Goldie.

This is it. DO REMEMBER THAT EVERY NEPALI IS ELIGIBLE TO BRING TWO DOGS AND CATS. PLUS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY THING TO THE TIA AIRPORT FOR BRINGING THE PET. Unless, the intention is to breed the pet and is for business you do not have to pay any tax. I am sure they will play you hard to rip off at the TIA airport, be firm and say you have all the documents back from the country of origin and you have read the law very well.

Apart from this, 

Depending upon the airlines there are certain guidelines that someone need to follow for the carrier that your pet will be sitting on during the flight.

If a dog and its carrier’s combined weight are less than 20lbs/8kg, then the dog can fly with you in cabin. The in-cabin carrier requirements are:

  • The dog must be able to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural position in their carrier
  • The carrier must be able to fit underneath the seat

Goldie and is too big to fly in cabin, so he flies in her kennel in the cargo hold. Airlines follow the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations regarding approved carriers for pets in cargo. The requirements are:

  • The crate must be large enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • The container must be clean, leak-proof
  • Absorbent bedding must be provided
  • The container must be well constructed and be able to withstand other freight damaging it or causing the structure to buckle or bend.
  • Separate food and water containers must be provided, either fixed inside the container or attached to it so that they are accessible.
  • The container must be adequately ventilated on at least three sides, with the majority of the ventilation being provided on the upper half of the container.
Dog Container

The IATA gives guidelines on measuring your dog to help you select the properly sized kennel. The calculated dimensions refer to the inside of the kennel.

A = length of animal from tip of nose to base.

B = height from ground to elbow joint. A+1⁄2 B = length of container

C = width across shoulders or widest point.

Cx2 = width of container

D = height of animal in natural standing position from top of the head or the ear tip to the floor (whichever is higher) / height of the container (top flat or arched)

Minimum Internal Container Dimensions:

A + ½ B = Length

C x 2 = Width

D = Height

Snub-nosed breeds require 10% larger container

For more details on the crate requirements, see the IATA container information.

​For Expats Bringing Dof to Nepal on a Holiday:

Well, i came to know that there is a tax imposed on the dogs that were bought on by the foreigners visiting Nepal on a holiday. Being TIA the only point of entry for the country through air the customs does not provide a clear picture of how the tax is being imposed. I read in one of the blogs that their dog was valued upon as 500$ and they had to pay 40% as a tax just to bring the dog in.

This is unfair towards the people as they had no information regarding it, what if they did not carry any cash and our airport even does not have an ATM machine inside the terminal.

Maybe, this is an exception for the national as I did not pay any money but to be honest with the readers they nagged me a lot. I had a long flight and upon my arrival, as the news spread in the customs that I had brought a dog with me firstly I was approached with 3 ladies saying they would help me to bring dog through customs. I respectfully declined, then I have approached my other staff with bundles of paper saying I had to fill in all the details. I knew it was a scam. I stayed strong and I had no intention to go through all the scams that people threw at me. I knew the rules and I had not broken them, I was officially allowed to take my pet through. Then came the tough one, the last point of exit at the customs where I was stopped by the official saying I had to quarantine the dog. I retaliated saying I had read the rules very well and if any problem my pet would not have flown from the departure in the first place.

He was upset and took my passport, then i knew i had to play fair.I urged saying i had paid every customs upon bringing anything taxable.I said my version of story, somehow the sad one and said i could not leave my pet behind.

The officer said i was the first one he saw bringing a dog from the middle east,after my stubborn es he then said take your dog-his pee is smelling.

I had a porter handling my rest of the luggage and i had to pay him 20$ as i had no change.

Things are unexpected in Nepal specially at the customs. I am still wondering how they value the dog, and why someone has to pay 40% of the value.

I still question what eligibility the agent has to value the dog at what rate.

My answer would be his mood and depending upon the nationality of the person.

This should stop and there should be a clear instructions laid upon if someone has to pay.No surprises at the end.

Also, Nepal does not have any restrictions upon some breeds that lot of countries have banned like pit bull and Tibetan mastiff.

(I will later on figure out the steps for exporting the dogs and also what if someone wants to bring it through the land,China or India)

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