Can I travel with my dog in Nepal?

Goldie and me on Annapurna Round Trip

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Can I travel with my dog in Nepal?

It’s a lot of Yes and No on travelling with dog in Nepal. At times it is not difficult and at times it is very stressful. While travelling we need to commute meaning we either take a public transport or we walk. When you plan to make huge arrangements like Annapurna Round then you are stacked up with lots of gear and on top of that a dog and it’s gear as well. It is never a moment when you think you are alone while travelling.It is much easier to walk with friends than with a dog but there is a special moment when you walk with a dog,it’s a special bond that you create. A never ending special memories,it is a challenge that you never want to back down.

The main problem we face in public transport and public areas

The only issue is the people running the transport often think that the dog if let inside the bus, will spoil the area. The major fear with the people with the dog is we think it will bite or it will spoil the place. If only you are able to convince the people that your dog doesn’t do that two things mentioned above there is very little chance that they won’t let the dog in, the rest assured.

  • -No national parks allow the dogs inside, even you are lucky to squeeze in your dog without their notice remember the army patrolling the park has the green light to shot the dog at sight.
  • Just make sure your hotels are pet friendly in advance, when I did my Annapurna Round with my dog I found that my hotel which I had reserved denied entering the dog. Upon requesting again and again they declined. I was lucky to find the hotel upfront, there I had to request and they accepted. So, make sure in advance you check for it or be ready to sleep under the rock or in the field.
  • Also, be careful if your plan is to take your dog to the high altitude, like to the base camp or round up. Up in the high ranges, there are big and deadly mastiffs like Tibetian mastiffs, they are very territorial in nature and very aggressive and hostile for newer dogs and they won’t back down until they have finished off their prey. My retriever was badly injured and I had to cancel the trip.
  • If you are taking a taxi then it won’t be a problem as long as you will be with the dog in the back seat. But if you are taking a public bus you need to do the same. No matter how trained your dog is if they haven’t been on a public bus they will panic and might cause a problem to other passengers. It is advisable to take the last seat, also facing the window. Keep your dog in the window side and you sit beside him.
  • Do not take your dog to the place where people pray or in holy sites. As I said before you might have trained your dog to the extreme, still you do not read its mind. Save yourself and your dignity from your dog urinating at the holy site.
  • Ask in advance while entering retail and coffee shops. I have taken my dog to all the stores of the King’s way but before entering I used to ask politely if I can come with my dog. They all accepted.I use a secret mantra while entering, a mantra that I use it and it works all the time. I have shopped in the Addidas store and drank coffee in Himalayan Java with my dog beside me.
  • Entering with a dog in Nepal is much easier than taking the dog abroad to other countries. Even after all the documentation is provided, the destination country often nags a lot. Just do your homework and promptly answer all the questions or else your request will be declined.
  • If your dog snaps during extreme pressure then put a muzzle in your dog. New environment, new smell, new things and new people often means these things are enough to put a heavy pressure in your dog’s brain that often results in pressure. By any chance your dog snaps a stranger in the hand or leg then you in deep trouble. Even you explain to them that your dog is vaccinated and they are safe, many times the people will not take your word and ask you to stay for at least 14 days just to make sure your dog is clean. I had faced this, but later I negotiated with the bitten party to send the new video or picture of the dog up to 14 days, meaning every single day.
at a cafe waiting for his drink.

One incident I had was when I was entering a reputed bank, the guard stopped me and said-“you can’t take the dog with you”. I simply removed the cash to be deposited, gave him the cash and also the account number and I then replied-‘See Sir, I know you are doing your duty. If I leave the dog here with you and I go upstairs he will start following me then if you try to stop it will bite you. Now, since I can’t do that I will stay here and wait for you to deposit the money and come.’

The guard hesitated, and on top when i showed his all access pass he let us go.It was quite a sight, people lined up then when you come across the line you can see a man with a dog also waiting in the line. It was wrong thing to do actually but the situation was so same as I ran out of option.Among all the bank staff only one was complaining, the rest of them were fine with it and some even saying-oohh looks like even the dogs are depositing from our bank.It is so nice,I wish to Beagle in the bank.

beagle with german short haired pointer

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