Expedition Unknown S02E16 Shangri La Found

An archeologist and adventurer, TV host Josh Gates contends with the mysterious and mythological, from Egyptian mummies and Mayan-relic filled cenotes to the cultural and medical truths behind the vampire.In this episode Josh treks high into the Sky Caves of Nepal in search of the origins of the Shangri-La myth, the fabled heaven on earth.

Josh Gates continues his epic adventure through the Himalaya Mountains, exploring the region’s ancient sky caves in search of the origins of the utopian paradise Shangri-La.

This episode holds a special place cause during it’s filming where there was a lock down or in the other words fuel shortage due to the blockade by India. The series shows the challenges they face from buying the fuel for the chopper in the black market to meeting some of the foreign archaeologist who have devoted their most of the life searching the truth behind the myths. Although the series, shows that the government of Nepal is involved it saddens that Josh Gates being a foreigner enters some of the virgin cave for the first time.

The episode shows the hidden and uncovered places that are still to be discovered, and we being the Nepali are way behind waiting for some foreigners to enter and solve these mystery of Shangri-La.
What an amazing find the information to the viewers as we being Nepali, am not able to be in these holy sites and places that holds so much mystery and maybe the pathway to Nirvana.