Inside the Nepalese Human Trafficking Industry

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What I love about Vice is the depth that they dig in, to the deepest part and uncover the truth in a straight forward way where other
media dare to do it. They are genunie and they do not hold any grudges neither take any side of the story.

In the other hand If I have to say so- we all have skeletons, but they are covered by muscles. Only death and decay shows the skeleton, Vice shows them while we are alive, well and breathing.

Content Warning: Human Trafficking is the world’s second-largest criminal activity and it rakes in close to $32 billion dollars annually. And, in South Asia, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh top the list of countries where this vile trade is literally making a killing. In this documentary, our focus is on the Nepal-India border as we try to figure out why and how do close to 50 Nepalese women disappear from that border area every day.