Shey Phoksundo Lake, Dolpa,Nepal

Shey Phoksundo Lake is an alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake in Nepal’s Shey Phoksundo National Park, located at an elevation of 3,611.5 m in the Dolpa District. Now some might wonder what does oligotrophic lake means. An oligotrophic lake has a low concentration of plant nutrients in its water. With few nutrients, there are few plants, and such lakes are most likely to be deep and clear and to have a sandy bottom.

This lake is known for its deep blue aquamarine colour, but the colour changes according to the sunlight. Sometimes turning into deep green, gleaming silver, to its original colour bluish-grey. Although Its elevation and altitude the lake water is supposed to freeze in winter, but surprisingly it doesn’t.

This lake is designated as the world heritage site and lies in Shey Phoksundo National Park which is the largest and only trans-Himalayan national park in Nepal. Although the journey is not that easy and full of risk the reward, in the end, it is worth every bit of sweat and pain you have endured. I believe there is a certain mystery that this lake holds inside its bottom and tries to tell the travellers something.