Borders between Nepal and China


Our country Nepal is so geographically challenged that building borders among the neighboring countries are quite a challenging task. Being nestled between two huge countries namely India and China, Nepal has a history of challenges building borders. Although Terai is flat in region, Nepal and India has years of controversy because of the border.

Nepal and India has open border so it has proved both profitable and irrational at times. But, this cannot be said in the other hand with China. The rough terrains, some impossible road tracks and wild mountains themselves mark the territory between the nation.Rarely has been conflict between the nation for the border issue among Nepal and China but it cannot be ignored since Tibet being the closest land mass to Nepal is a hot region of China.

This documentary portrays foreign investigator surveying and trying to illustrate some difficult subjects that both countries tend not to put out of the nest.Please leave your feedback and share the video if you feel it must be published among the people.