Blood Hound

Blood Hounds are used by law enforcement to find missing person or an escapee.They have one of the best scenting skills among the canine kingdom. Their features include long wrinkled face with very loose skin,huge dropping ears and a very warm set of deep eyes.They are huge dogs and require a great deal of healthy diet and exercise.One amazing trait of this breed is the ability to smell humans from a very great distance and even after days.

Basset Hound

Basset Hound are friendly easygoing dogs,but don't get fooled by their temperament as they can be very stubborn at times.They are happy with being in their packs as they have been designed to hunt in packs.They have top notch smelling skills just below the blood hound. They can be an excellent choice as a family pet dog.


This is one of my personal favorite breed.While living abroad once i purchased a pup in Indonesia, but since the rules are you cannot ship or buy a pup less than 3 months old i had to cancel it.They have a excellent smelling ability and their noses guide them through their life.I would love to have one of them and go on a rabbit hunt.Their price in Nepal starts from Rs.36000 for a pup.