Bull Terrier

These breed although less popular in Nepal are distinguished by their long face,beautiful eyes and pointed ears.Their egg shaped head and features are mostly suitable in show dogs.They come mostly in two colors and have a beautiful patched eye with their coat color.

Rusell Terrier

This breed can sometimes look as if they have mingled with some of our street dogs.But although they do not hold such unique physique their original purpose was like earth terriers. This makes them an excellent performance breed participating in a variety of events: natural hunting which includes earthwork, agility, rally, obedience, tracking, go-to-ground, and conformation, etc. They are also therapy and service dogs.

Boston Terrier

This breed was originally bred as a pit fighter but later when that was over decades of changes on upbringing as led it to become a family pet, ultimately getting name as american gentleman.Although small they are very sturdy and muscular and those round eyes always gives us a message saying "i love you". I haven't come across this breed in Nepal but since so many breeds entering the market, they must be somewhere.