Originally from Mexico and made famous by the celebrities clinging them to the shows and at times even carried in hand bag, this is officially the smallest breed in the world. Don't get fooled by their size as they can snap strangers and children alike.There are many types of Chihuahua like apple head, deer head and long haired to name a few. Their average price starts from Rs 16ooo for pups in Nepal market.


These are one of the breeds that was raised by Nepalis,giving them the privilege of staying indoors.They had a different name given to them being Moti. These breeds have a sharp mouth not in a sense of teeth but they have a sharp barking tendency.They are quite furry and are very much loved by the Nepalis.By culture, we used to pass on the pups to friends and families.This shopping habit on dogs are a recent habits that us Nepalis that developed.


Pugs were originally bred to be a companion for the ruling family in China. Believe it or not , they were so prized that there were even guards guarding them.For, the last decade or so it has been quite a choice for Nepali families to own one.Wrinkled nose, round eyes and due to its low activity cost ]it has been a choice of breed among Nepalis. Average pup price starts from Rs 10 k, depending upon the color of the pug.