Dr Tushar Nikalje an Indian who inspired many.

Dr Tushar in one of his speeches.

Dr. Tushar Nikalje from India – Journey from Clerk to World Record Holder

Do you believe that a Clerk can be a World Record Holder? Dr Tushar Nikalje from India is the answer to this question. He is an inspiration to many. We are sharing his milestones achieved during this journey.

Working as a Clerk for 30 years

Dr Tushar Nikalje is working as a clerk in Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune from April 1991 till today i.e. 30 years. He joined the office in April 1991, when he had only graduated. He has completed his Post Graduation, M. Phil, Ph. D after joining the university job.

Author of 10+ books, some of those are getting used in university syllabus

One of his Marathi books named ‘Bharatiya Nivadnuk Pranali, Sthityantare ani Avahne’ is referred for B.A. and M.A. Political Science syllabus to three different state universities in the Maharashtra state of India.

Awards and recognitions

Maharashtra State Election Commission had selected Dr Tushar Nikalje as an election expert in the year 2019 for Loksabha Elections.

His name is registered in the India Book of Records as ‘Competitive Skills of Non-Teaching Staff’.

World Record University, London awarded Dr Tushar Nikalje ‘Honorary Doctorate’ for his academic achievements.

Publications and participation in international conferences

He has also published 28 articles in newspapers and 12 articles in University Grants Commission, New Delhi approved research journals. 

One Braille book named ‘Understanding the University’ is also written and published by him. He also has participated in State and International conferences.

He is also a participant in the World Book of Record, London which was conducted for seven days non-stop.

“If you want to get it, you need to work for it. There is no shortcut to success. And most important is don’t compare yourself with others, instead, compare your today with yesterday and keep improving, keep achieving,” – Dr Tushar Nikalje says.

Dr.Tushar in one of the conferences.

Participation in making award-winning short film

He took part in making a short film named ‘Father’. This film got an award for best short film and now it has been nominated in UK and USA film festivals.

All these academic activities are self-financed. Now Dr Tushar Nikalje has sent a proposal for Post Doctoral Research to the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.“If one door gets closed, there are many other doors open for you. You just need to knock them. Never give up on your dreams and goals, instead work for it,” – Dr Nikalje shares his secrets of the milestones achieved.

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