Every time I visit Kamaladi Ganeshthan at Kamaladi, near Ghanta Ghar Kathmandu one billboard always catches my eyes. It’s so meaningful that I think I should share it to the entire not only country but the world.

such a meaningful message

Upon asking the local who was selling garland and other essentials for the puja, the seller said it was a lady who had put the billboard had passed away couple of years ago and she used to feed hundreds of street stray dogs.I tried to research and find the concerned but it seemed a bit of twisted road, but believe me I will go to the depth of this until I find who this mystery woman was and what encouraged her to do such a herioc act.

Not only I respected us work but the words that were written in that billboard. It has such a huge meaning and such a deep sense that I myself have told in me that I will renew and revamp the billboard. Make it new and more attractive so that every passer by can read it and make a sense of it. Soon I am planning to start a project to have the same article in different areas of the capital with the help of governing act of the government. With or without them I think we should have this message spread across, I just need a bit of time to start this and some help of manpower to finish the task.

Anyway to the people who are not native to the Nepalese language I have translated it in English language.

Lord Ganesh is also an animal, Lord Hanuman is also an animal, Dog is also a part of Bhairav but why Dogs are treated in the inhumane way.

I am a street dog

‘If we die, bury us under the mud.

Scold us , spit at us but do not break my bones.

Call me a filthy dog, call me a bitch but don’t call me a freak.

Feed us stale food, even rotten food, thrown leftover food but do not poison us.

Throw us with mud, throw water, even with bullet but please do not throw us a boiling water.

Break our heart, kill our love but please do not break my eyes and make me blind.

Hate us, ignore us but please do not mis behave us.

Kill us with bullets, explode our body with bombs but do not leave us in such condition where we are unable to live or die.

You do not need to feed us the meat, but I we are asking you is do not feed us tears.

If you can give us the treatment we would be grateful but please do not kill us alive.’’

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