Nepal is rich in natural resources but..

they are not properly utilised. What are the reason behind it explain in points?

Do you prefer our mountains to be like this for minerals

When i was working in the drilling company back in middle east, i came to know how expensive and dangerous job it is to drill and extract oil. Although due to age of science, they have changed from various from of drilling to scientific drilling. Still the cost of drilling is very high, i am not sure but i heard it costs around 89 thousands to 1 million dollars for a single day operation.Imagine the nature of the project and the operation. It was done 24/7 and we used to have specific date to be finished.Yes, there was some sort of reward included on the completion without any loss or accidents.

I haven’t heard from a proven scientific institute that Nepal has natural rich resources. Even though they have it, it is hard to utilize to unearth it. We have very tough terrain and Nepal is geographically challenged.Even building a road from one valley to other costs very high and very time consuming. Most of the major tracks that join the roads are from the donation of other country.

The cost of the resources mainly minerals are very very expensive. We need the help of third party company and i am sure they will ask for their cut in it.If we want to do ourself we do not have much qualified people and the equipments are out of question. On top of that what if the cost of the operation is higher than the product extracted and profited upon. Minerals are dug upon the basis of simple economics.

I Personally do not think we have oil, there might be gas but not to that extend that it needs a huge operation. Apart from these we might find some exclusive mineral rocks , which might be quite a lot in the market.We definitely need help from other countries and while this gets done things gets a lot complicated. A fair example is the gold extraction project done by the Australian government in Indonesia. They have totally changed the beautiful landscape to an atomic region.

Things like oil and gas are considered as black gold and are very easy to liquidate. Other sort of minerals hold less value to the world’s 90% of the population.Besides OIL AND GAS other things extracted are not a necessity for our daily needs unless they find plutonium in Nepal.

Nepal is mainly constructed of the stones which is the Himalayas, then comes the muddy hilly region and after a flat land called terai.I think if the government spends upon scientific agriculture it might prove more fruitful than minerals. In the end food comes as our necessity than minerals

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