The ruler who is weak has three names. The first name is Yaltabaoth, the second is Saklas [“fool”], and the third is Samael. And he is impious in his arrogance which is in him. For he said, ‘I am God and there is no other God beside me,‘ for he is ignorant of his strength, the place from which he had come. The title name laldbaoth is the first ruler which is no other than Yaltabaoth. These things are hard to swallow by our thoughts, until and unless you have nothing to do except think. Think….think and think.

I was tied up in the hospital for the past 12 days with my legs tied in the bed, so I was basically in the bed in one position only. If the nurses came, only after I requested the doctor to remove those ties every 2 hours or so, it was such a relief that even chunks of cash would not beat that freedom. Then I came across this term Laldbaoth. Maybe I was weak too and maybe it was the ignorance of my action that led to my situation.

But someone who had won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1921 had a different version of Laldbaoth. He stated that  “in ourselves and in ourselves alone we attack and destroy Ialdabaoth.” He was an amazing novelist who had different ideas and versions of the same thing. According to him, it meant it is God’s secret name and means “the child who wanders”. He is no other than François-Anatole Thibault. The son of a book seller On 31 May 1922, France’s entire works were put on the Prohibited Books Index) of the Catholic Church. Only in 1966, he was granted freedom in it.

Most people know him with his famous quote-“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”- and we call him with love as Anatole France. Since one of my major tasks is to keep your mind in curiosity, you might wonder a bit what a senseless article it is. But I plead you to read it twice or thrice to see what I meant. Maybe the clarity will come in it, it is like the car wiper on a rainy day. I will leave you with the following emotional video, we realize our potential sometimes in the worst times.

Goodbye my friend.

Sometimes past does hunt you and emotions take over so hard that it will bring you in tears. Only If i could talk i

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