Laundry Nightmare

Tips and Tricks to take care of your garment

Couple of years back I had purchased a cardigan of merino wool from Comme des Garcons. I had paid a hefty price even though it was on sale. I loved the fabric and the fit of it, as usual when cloths start to gather dust we wash it. Fortunately I had a automatic washing machine and very carefully I washed it in gentle mode and dried it flat. After it dried I was eager to wear it, somehow I felt it a bit tighter than usual I supposed it will stretch in time. Again after repeating the same cycle of washing the cardigan began shrinking more and honestly after 6 washes it looked as if the size was for a 6 year old kid. At first I felt ripped off by such a huge brand, then upon reserching I found out that it was my mistake that I had washed it in a wrong way. The merino wool was only supposed to be washed by hand and dried flat in the shade. It didn’t need any technological washing, I lost not only the money I had spent in it but a dear cardigan I loved to wear it.

After that incident I mostly look at the label of the cloth where the washing instruction is printed upon and wash it accordingly. Most of us do not realize that and wash it as per the normal standards. In this era where so many clothing brands dominate the local products, it is a must to take care of the garment when it needs to be washed. It not only makes the garment more durable but also it helps in cleaning it according to the standards. We cannot blame the brand if it has clearly stated do not dry clean labeled in it and we do it opposite. Most of the sales man forget this part of the job but it’s also unto the consumer to look at the washing instructions labeled inside the garment and do it accordingly. Many do not have explained the labels and it is only the mark as our traffic sign. Here below I have compiled few of the instructions for your connivence. Hope it helps your longitivtiy of your garment that you hav spend the money on.

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