Lies, Deception and Betrayal

Do not judge a book by it’s cover

One thing is for sure our views and opinions about others are not similar. It varies according to lots of factors. There has been a lot of debate about this and looks as if the conclusion does not end. But, to make it easier for us, the professionals have developed some traits based on our basis. As being human we sometimes take a snap judgement that may be true or false. Here, below are some of the major types of judgemental factors that we depend on.

Halo Effect

Halo is actually the type of ring, that the angles carry on top of their head. It glows, it is a sign of holiness hence it is often depicted in the head of saint or holy person.You might be wondering what this has to do with our decision making outcome. Below is one fine example of the halo effect.

Jack is dropped at school with his mom and dad in one car. The family have only one car and their work starts at 9:00 am whereas Jack’s classes start only at 9:30 a.m. So Jack is often found before school starts, this is being observed by the teachers of Jack. Although Jack is a mediocre student who is neither in the top 10 or the last 10. But since Jack is always found earlier in the classes and never late the teachers perceive that Jack is a good student and he is trying his best to reach the top. As for the teachers, the students who show up early are found that they are most interested in the studies. But, the teachers do not have any idea why Jack comes early so their decision states goodness about Jack. This is called the Halo Effect. But, in actual, their decision-making capacity has been blurred and they are wrong about Jack.

Horn Effect.

The Horn effect is somehow the opposite of Halo Effect. To best describe the Horn effect the following would be useful.

Mark just finished his bachelor’s degree and he was looking for a job. He had passed the bachelors in very good marks. He had applied for a job in a student’s public library as a librarian. During the interview, Mark successfully answered all the questions asked by the head and others. It was a very stressful interview but he managed to lead it with ease. As Mark was told to stay in the other room to wait for the result, the panel had their discussion. They had one big issue with Mark, his both hands were tattooed heavily and it did not meet the standard and the image of being a librarian. Then, they told him and declined the job offer. One thing, they did not know was apart from being a good student he was also a good artist and he was working part-time as a tattoo artist in a tattoo shop. To get the work there he had to have an image of a tattoo lover, hence he had glued temporarily tattoo stickers. He was supposed to work late afternoon hence he came with the tattoo artist outfit.

As you can see here due to the wrong perspective and point of view of the interview panel they lost a would-be great employee and also Mark had to look for a job somewhere else. Both suffered a loss but Mark soon got a job offer from a publication.

These are some very few examples of our human nature and how it can lead to the wrong judgement. These matters no matter how hard we try to fix them are out of our hands. Unlike machines we have emotions and these emotions can vary both in positive and negative vibes. Hence, Do not judge a book by its cover.

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