Ancient Greeks were introducing many forms of art in the modern world. If I start naming them the list goes on and on from music to philosophy. They were considered one of the most civilised cultures during the modern world. They even had categorized love into Six different types. If I go on explaining all six it will be a long talk, so among them, I found Ludus -the type of love that is significant nowadays and which relates to this era.

playful love


Harry a man who is engaged and soon to get married is travelling on the bus, it happened that a newlywed girl Sitara was next to his seat. Both of them are committed and have their partners and are even faithful towards them. The journey was of 8 hours, at the first glance Harry felt a magnetic attraction towards Sitara. He somehow didn’t want to remember that he was engaged and he is committed. After a while, on the bus, Harry asked Sitara her name. Sitara still being newlywed didn’t want to talk to strangers, that also to a man whom she hardly knows. But, as a courtesy, she answered I wish not to tell you and please keep a distance from me. Harry then said-then I will call you angel because that’s what you look like, an angel came to earth with such beautiful features. These words were enough for Sitara to speak with Harry as no matter how hard she tried she could not resist the words of Harry as she had never had those kinds of compliments.

The bus continued its journey and so did the conversation of Harry and Sitara. They knew they both were committed to someone else but the fatal attraction between them was too hard to resist. They both fell in love in the next 5 hours, and that was not enough they wanted to take this to next level. They wanted to touch and feel each other, the affair took a different turn. Even though it was a short period they wanted to taste the salt of the skin of each other. Now, to do that what Harry did was in the next stop where there was a Motel he and she got off and checked in for an hour.

After an hour Harry booked a private taxi for her and one for him. They both went their separate ways and forgot what had happened The incident in the hotel remained a ghostly image as if it never happened. It was a fatal attraction that they could not resist but by no means they forgot their true love. The love was still there, it was not a mistake but this attraction of him and she is named LUDUS in the Greek category of love.


Ludus (ludic)—love as a game Ludus (ludic)—love as a game. Ludics have a very self-oriented approach to love. Ludics minimize dependency and commitment. Ludics minimize dependency and commitment They rarely or never become overly involved with one they rarely or never become overly involved with one partner and often have more than one partner at a time partner. They don’t reveal their true thoughts and feelings to their partner, especially if they think they can gain some kind of partner, especially if they think they can gain some kind of advantage over their partner. Usually want sex (plenty of it) for pleasure. Reaction to criticism from the partner is indifference. Reaction to separation from the partner is an immediate replacement.

Ludus is a kind of relationship that can be seen nowadays, although sometimes the relation tends to go a long period and their true love is destroyed but Ludus barely happens in that way. It is a short casual relationship. In my personal opinion neither it’s bad neither it’s good. If Ludus can be avoided lies, deception and lots of other things could be avoided. Love is a fragile thing, and it’s all based on trust.

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