Music that can change the day

There is no doubt, and we all agree to a point that music can change the way your mood and your thoughts as well. There is no other way to express the feeling than through music. Below I have compiled some of the music tracks, all western music that should be on your playlist. Just a thought, we all have different taste and love different from the genre of music. No matter what let’s give it a try. If I can succeed to put even one of the following in your playlist, consider I have done my part. These tracks are all from 90’s where they hugely influenced us and our lifestyle.

1)Losing my Religion- R.E.M

2) Quit playing with my heart- Back street Boys

3) Wonder wall- Oasis

4) Black or White- Michael Jackson

5) Nothing Compares 2U – Sinéad O’Connor 

6) Self Esteem- The Offspring

7) All Star- Smash Mouth

8) You Oughta Know -Alanis Morissette 

9) Mambo No. 5-Lou Bega

10) 1979- Smashing Pumpkins

11) Wannabe- Spice Girls

12) Livin’ La Vida Loca- Ricky Martin

13) Nothing else Matters- Metallica

14) Hold My Hand – Hootie and the blowfish

15) Breakfast At Tiffany’s -Deep Blue Something

There are many more, artists and songs that have kept the 90’s music scene so vividly good. The more choices I get, the more I want to put in. Hence, I will pause this here. I started with 5 songs only, then went 10 and after 15. Happy listening

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