Mutts vs Purebred

myths and truths about mutts vs purebred

Actually why the purebred dogs are the worst dogs and the mutts are better than them. A mutt for those unknown to is any dog that’s a combination of different breeds, rather than one identifiable breed. In the late 1800s mutt was a derogatory term meaning either a stupid person or stupid dog.

These purebred dogs are riddled with genetic diseases and they are not even a real thing. We made these up, we talk as if nature created these purebred dogs and as if every mutt is the mixture of the purebred dogs. But in fact, mutts are the dogs in their natural healthy state and pure breeding is the form of genetic manipulation we humans made them up simply to amuse ourselves.

Outside of few traditional working dogs, 90% of all the dogs were created in the last 100 years. In the 19th century, victorian England competitive dog breeding became a fad between the wealthy English. They would probably have a chat with a tea on a sunny afternoon such as, “look this one is the new one, I created them with lots of extra loose skins”.Then the latter woman would reply -” oh yes, I can see that and that is lovely. But I am afraid I have mine with huge popped out eyeballs and flat nose and it’s so tiny that it’s easy to carry them as well”-showing her proud pug.

After these people played god for a while creating a chart and labelled them as purebred dogs. And that is what purebred dogs are-it is totally arbitrary, simple to understand yet complicated when thought of. We are often told and told, repeating time after time that a purebred dog means a good healthy dog. But in fact, when we hear the term purebred we should think of the term inbred.

Kennel clubs prohibit their, purebred dogs from ever mating outside with other dogs and often mate them with their own parents and siblings. One study found out that between 10 thousand pugs have the same genetic diversity as 50 individual pugs making 1 pug similar to Austrian Duke. This one example is a bit hard to swallow.

All this purebred thing leads to average purebred dogs being sicker than average dogs. Just an example to those in favour of purebred dogs are

60% of golden retriever die of cancer

3rd of King Charles spaniel have skulls that are too small for their brains.

Great Danes are so huge that their heart can’t support their body .

king charles spaniel

Well, just look at any tiny dogs and see if they look happy and they know that we did this to them.

Now, let me end this with a dog that is highly overrated and is considered the best in the show. A bulldog. Most male and female counterpart think that they are so cute especially the male bulldog, In actual if they are cute then so is a total genetic failure cute.

english bulldog a type of bulldog family

A 100 years ago a bulldog was a proud breed but a century of inbreeding has ruined them. Their noses are so squashed they can barely breathe, Their heads are so big that they can give birth only by a cesarean section, their tails can be ingrown, they basically all have hip dylsplasia and their average life expectancy is only six years. So, actually we humans have just created an instrument for our pleasure. We didn’t even care if they ever felt emotions and we let someone suffer for six years of their life so we can just be amused and say to others proudly- I own a F*&KING bulldog. I personally and the same bulldog would say – Go and F*&K YOURSELF.

born to suffer

And the saddest part for all this is the kennel club can cure all this problem of the bulldog if they allow them to crossbreed. But they wouldn’t allow them since it won’t look like the clown they want. This is the reason why especially in Europe and States they have the Kennel club issued pet certificate, the Kennel club issued proper trait marks and everything else. If your dog doesn’t fall under their checklist they refuse to accept it like a dog. I mean if our street dogs happen to knock on their door, they wouldn’t let them in saying- sorry mate, wrong house.

I will keep this here since this topic is very huge if I just follow the lead. Since it was only insight from my side to the people about the misconceptions of purebred. Having they or not? It is your personal choice but only after knowing the two sides of the story maybe you can make a rational choice.

a mutt

I live in a country where a dog is worshipped once a year and many are cursed over the rest of the year. Due to mismanagement and illiteracy street dogs can be found all over Nepal. Yes, no doubt I am happy that in Nepal there is a day that comes once a year where the dog has its day regardless it is a mutt or purebred. But, still, that is not enough. We Nepalese are very good at copying others as if it is a fashion trend. I say-Do this to the rest like materials or your choice of denim but do not do it to animals or humans. They too have feelings, maybe they can’t speak but they can communicate. It’s up to us to understand their language.

What if I put you completely stripped off your merchandise and place you in a remote village in China? How would you come out of it? You would surely find a way, rather choose not to die there. You see, you will find extreme difficulty to navigate and communicate to fellow humans what about animals. They would too, but since you are on top of the hierarchy it’s you who has to understand the communicative way of a dog.

 The Hindu deity Kala Bhairava’s vehicle is a dog. He is one of the eight attendants on Lord Shiva and also at times is thought of as one of his aspects. 

Nowadays, I see a fruitful business that is lots of buying and selling of puppies labelled as purebred puppies going on. They would even post their picture with the bought puppy as if it was a prize. This leads to the puppy mill, where dogs are treated as a product and have been harvested as if crops. Since my childhood, I used to have dogs, and I also once had fallen into this euphoric dream of purebred dogs. I got then a Basset Hound as my first purebred, at first, it was o.k when he was a puppy, but they grew up very fast and soon became very clear that I am not fit to have him. Problems after problems piled up so that I had to give him to others. It broke my heart but that was the only way for both of us. After some time, I had a Beagle. Although his expenses were less he needed anything other than food. He needed attention and I was not able to give it to him due to my working nature. He became destructive since I don’t put dogs in cage or chain, I had no choice but to use that. He was sad and so was I. He too was sent away for his own good.

After that and a couple of years later, I repeated the same thing. A liking for purebred became a religion or a culture to me. I got a British Golden Retriever, I had him for around 3 years and later he died of cancer. I could not save him and although it was only 3 years he taught me a lot of things.

taking a nap.

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