Penguin Love ❤️

the strangest of love

Love of the Emperor Penguin

What amazes me is how much we can learn from earthly beings. Emperor Penguins are one of them, and they can teach us what love is and what it should look like. There is a word called courtship which if I explain in exact terms it sounds like this.

courtship-a period during which a couple develops a romantic relationship before getting married.

To carry on, the courtship between the two penguins which they display is very complicated and detailed. But the copulation or sexual intercourse is very quick and passionate. Then the female lays a single egg in May or June.

Now comes the most interesting part which we humans can learn from.

After hatching the egg, then she passes the egg to the male penguin to incubate(sit on the egg in order to keep them warm and bring them to hatching). After passing the egg to the male- she is off. She spends the next nine weeks feeding at the sea.

The male penguin carefully balances the egg on his feet for between 65 – 75 days to keep it warm in a specially adapted brood pouch, and off the snow surface, before it hatches. The sweetest moment or the sacrifice that the male has to do is they will not eat for up to four months, from the time they arrive at the colony to breed until the egg has hatched and the mother returns to feed.

The sacrifice for the love

The male emperor penguin will lose almost half of their body weight during this time. They need to rely entirely on the reserve of body fat that they built up during the summer feast to survive the long winter.

Emperors incubate their eggs during the long dark southern winter months and the sacrifice for the love is worth it.

We humans can learn a lot from others, be it an animal or humans themselves but at this stage of time, we are so self-assured and selfish in a way that we forget what is the true meaning and how much responsibility a weight of love carries.

Best of luck to humanity❤️

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