Personality traits

We are all unique in a way. There is a different traits we all hold as our DNA does.These unique personality traits develop our character. We look our self in the mirror more than any other living species in the planet, yet hardly we know our personality or what does it look like. There is no shame in admitting which personality trait you fit in, some change the rest die with it. Some are remembered and some are forgotten, all contributing to the personality trait that we belong.

1- Extraversion: excittability, socialbilty, talkativeness assertiveness and they have high level of emotional expressiveness.

2- Agreeablenes- trust, altruism, kindness, affection and they have prosocial behavior.

3- Conscientiousness- high level of thoughtfulness,good impulse control and goal directed behaviors and they tend to be organized and mindful of details.

4-Neuroticism-emtoional instability,anxiety,moodiness,irritabilty and sadness. Sound black cloud doesn’t it? Yet, so Many of us fall under this category.

5-Openess-they have a very high level of imagination and insight. They also have a broad range of interests.

So, above are the five personality traits that has been categorized and we all fall under one. But, I have a beleif that some may have cross personality. This can be seen on people like for example labaled with bio-polar disorder.

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