PHARMACOPHOBIA is the fear or phobia of taking any type of pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of the illness.

But is this the answer to those in need for the cure? There might be other alternative and fortunately there are.

kids in the candy store.

There are over 20,000 prescription drug products approved for marketing.United states comes as the top global researcher and producer of these drugs.There are over 1,600 FDA-approved animal drug products.I myself am a user for some prescribed drugs for some chronic illness to some S.S.R.I . The hope of cure with these drugs have faded away a long time back when I came to realize that the medical industry itself is a huge cash making machine rather than a curing machine.

We humans, as walk our path of life get sick, contract viruses, get into accidents, become ill for the short period of time or it becomes chronic to some.If these are not treated in time it will become a huge mess and life might be shorten without proper treatment. Once we enter the medical industry – and when it starts rolling our cash starts pouring into its engine and the possibility of cure is not sure as well. It also depends upon the type of disease you are carrying, some are curable and some not.

From the starting of our civilization, we humans have found various ways to cure the type of illness.As the saying goes Nature is the solution of every problems. Hence, right now these days people are often reverted back to the natural healing. People often believe that the side effects of the natural remedies are much less and the outcome of becoming cure is much higher.

Below I have compiled some of the natural remedies for some illness, that are used in rural part of Nepal. Some have been banned and some are quite difficult to find due to the law by World Wildlife Organization.Others are found in abundance and easily treated.Please click in the pictures below for the clarity if found hard to read.

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