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Ways have changed, but Music has not

Growing up in 90’s music played a huge role in our daily lives.  

There was no internet yet and mobile phones had still not entered the market.We used to listen to cassette tapes from A side to B side.Surely we used to collect tapes a lot,some we bought, some we shop lifted,some borrowed from friend and not returned back,some we copied(yes we could copy the tapes).

We had no nightlife in Kathmandu and in 2020’s there still isn’t any although the music scene has changed a lot. The way people listen to the widely available audio due to internet revolution and ability to own a smart phone has altered the way this generation of teens listen and perceive the music.

Music has no language and boundaries, and yes we all have different taste and liking for music. 

Below i have compiled some of the songs that we grew up listening. Some are recent and some are old. 

Happy listening.