Pond of pimbahal,Patan

pimbahal pond back in the days

The enigmatic pond of Pimbahal

The Jagamadu pond also known as Pimbahal Pukhu, next to Pimbahal Stupa is said to be about 600 years old and it is even more enigmatic. But what makes this historical pond so mysterious?

The pond is said to have no base or substrate. According to ancient legend, the Pimbahal pond is neither natural nor made by people. It’s alleged that it was created by Lakhes (Demons in Nepali folklore).

The stories have baffled the local residents of Lalitpur for quite a long time and the mystery doesn’t cease to intrigue the researchers either

the pond from rooftop view

The myth or fact as it goes

As the story goes, many centuries ago, Lakhes caused mayhem in Patan. They terrorized the locals every night and caused destruction in the town.  Even the king’s best trained and armed soldiers couldn’t stop the fierce demons.

The local residents went to Gayah Bajya (Brahmin named Gaya) of Patan for help as last resort. Gayaḥ Bajya was a legendary figure of Patan who practiced tantrika and spent most of his years seeking spiritual excellence and mastering his tantra powers.

After listening to the plea of Patan’s residents, he summoned the demons using his magical powers and made them dig the land every night until a pond was created.

The magical stone in the pond

Other version of the story suggests it was created in a single night. Another intriguing legend of Pimbahal is regarding a magical stone in the pond that remains hidden in the water most of the year.

It is only visible during the winter months when the level of water is low. The locals have ascribed magical powers to this stone and is believed to be powerful enough to turn day into night. In fact, the more people study this site, the more intriguing it gets. History is often intertwined with myth and Gayah Bajya was indeed a real man. 

In the 1950s, Gayah Bajya’s house near the pond was excavated and to everyone’s surprise, an underground passage was discovered leading to his meditation room. The excavation then descended into a water table making it impossible to dig any further.

The attempt to figure out the original purpose of this amazing pond is a challenge for the imagination since there are still so many unanswered questions. There are so many things about the pond that we still don’t know.

But a single certainty among other less definite facts is that it served as an important source of water for people in Patan for centuries and was even used to put out fires in ancient times.

Pimbahal pond

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