Radical Forgiveness

Unfuckwithable Part II

The following content is the continuation of my previous article regarding the methods of achieving the stage of being unfuckwithable.Imagine the following day, maybe it will not be in you but just to illustrate the scenario just try to imagine it.

The alarm on your phone rings at 7:00 a.m, but you are so sleepy that you snooze it and say to yourself let me sleep another 15 mins, I still have time. By mistake, you forgot to power on the mobile charger so the phone goes dead. By the time your eyes open in the next time, and since there is no phone to look the time for you desperately search for the wristwatch and damn it is already 8:45 a.m. Then you just jump up and run towards the bathroom as you have to be in the office by 10:00 a.m. Then when you have the habit of smoking before doing number 2, you have the cigarette but you do not have the lighter. Hastily you run upstairs to look for the lighter, accidentally, you trip on one stair and you stumble. You hit the skeleton part of the leg too hard that a small part of your skin is off, luckily no blood. But the pain..is a lot to bear. You look for the lighter, searching all the pants. .Then you remember you gave the trouser with a lighter for laundry earlier. You have no choice but use the gas to light the cigarette. It took you half an hour for all this drama, and you are getting late. Just the other day, you had the final warning if being late again I would be fired. After smoking in the bathroom and doing number 2 you turn on the facet but there is no water. Bloody hell, not again. Then you scream from the bathroom to mother to turn on the water pump. Now it takes another 15 mins at least for the water to come. You are so irritated that to save time, you have no option but you slowly get up and try to flush the toilet. No water again, then you walk like a crab and put the toothpaste on. Suddenly, electricity goes off and damn no way to get the water. You scream at others, blaming why the hell in your time only the water dries up. You look around and find the bucket of some leftover water. You have no choice but use your hand to clean the butt with toothpaste in your mouth. Then you look for the soap to wash the hand but the soap isn’t there. You scream at mother, she took the soap upstairs to another bathroom. Damn, the nearest soap is the dishwashing liquid. Disgusted and with a huge rush you just use it as the kitchen is the nearest. At the same time, you use the water from the drinking bottle to wash the face and get over the toothbrush. All this drama took another half an hour and it’s already 9:15 a.m. You rush upstairs, then put on whatever clothes come first. You rush downstairs and put on the shoes, Your mom is shouting at waking up late and not even eating the breakfast which was on the table. After putting on the helmet you search for the key of the motorbike, it’s not there. You check on the pockets and start scrambling everywhere. You run upstairs in the room, look here and there. Still, the key is missing. Then you hear the scream of your mother from downstairs. Unable to think you scream at her, then you realize she was saying the key is in the bike itself. Then you run downstairs, with the dead mobile in your pocket. Upon reaching downstairs you realize that there is no air in the back tire. You say Ohh not this time, as you just had it fixed with the garage just in front of your house the other day. You get so angry with the garage, that you just open the gate and drag the bike to the garage, with anger you scream at them is this the way you fix the puncture? They said they had warned me multiple times to change the tire, now they are asking 15 mins to fix the tire. I say go on, in the meantime one of the guys in the garage say to zip up the trouser, as I was about to zip up, the zipper gets broken. Shit, it was the same trouser you had kept aside for the tailor. It’s already getting 9:45 a.m and the workplace is 7 k.m away, you try to call but look at the phone and it’s dead. You don’t remember the number to use someone else’s mobile. Tensed you look to light up the cigarette but you forget that you don’t have a lighter. You head to the nearest store to buy a lighter, yelling at the garage guy to fix the tire as soon as possible. The poor fellow is terrified and tries to remove the tire for the puncture. The store you wanted to buy the lighter, looks the usual person is not there. I ask for the lighter, and the young kid answers the owner has gone to the washroom and he has no idea where is the lighter at. Frustated you scream at the kid, saying then why the hell he is in the store is he doesn’t know where is what. We argue, then the owner comes and says to knock it off. He hands over the lighter, I search for the money and I forgot I had not carried my wallet, I ask for credit

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