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Russian influencner on social media creates

For those of you who are on social media Alesya Kafelnikova is not something new. She has a very huge fan base and it looks as if a wrong picture of a famed model can either destroy her or raise her. Instagram has become like a household name and especially for the upcoming and this generation every detail in the picture matters. Well this is her in some of the photos uploaded

Now this photoshoot changed many things

Alesa has done lots of photographs. Some are erotic but she has never crossed the line.

The following photoshoot took in Feb of 2021 in Bali, Indonesia which is the famed cause of its natural habitat.

Alesya Kafelnikova on top of elephant posing naked

And this Happens overnight as the picture gets uploaded

Russian influencer Alesya Kafelnikova ‘sorry’ for nude photoshoot atop elephant in Bali

PerthNowFebruary 25, 2021 12:17PM

TOPICS: This was released just after the photo was publicized from her insatgram

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A Russian influencer and daughter of tennis great has apologized after she chased Instagram likes by being photographed naked atop an endangered elephant.

Alesya Kafelnikova shared a photo of her posing nude on the back of the animal in Bali, together with the caption: “To love nature is human nature.”

It wasn’t the 22-year-old’s only post though, with the daughter of two-time Grand Slam champion Yevgeny Kafelnikov also sharing a video. The clip included the caption: “Natural vibes.”

Kafelnikova has quite the audience on Instagram, having grown her following to 555,000.

But she came under pressure over the shoot, which was blasted as a “violation” against the animal and an example of “money overshadow(ing) everything”.

The post even caught the attention of Bali tourism authorities who said the incident “surely does not meet the norms that we are promoting”, according to The Sun.

A spokesperson for Save the Asian Elephants also told the publication it was “yet another tragic trivialization of the majestic Asian elephant when the species is fighting for its very existence against brutal abuse in tourism and human entertainment.

Natural Vibes:

I found it quite meaningful and she gave me a very clear message, I get it this is a daring act for the conservation of wildlife. There is nothing wrong, she hasn’t shown her sensitive parts neither she seems to harm the animal. We are born naked but due to various reasons, we cover ourselves.

Being nude and photographing it for other reasons such as porn or to manipulate someone then maybe we can say that is not appropriate. Let’s see it this way that she is the mother and the elephant her child, and she is showing her love towards the elephant. Every single day many elephants are killed by poachers for some stupid reason. Alesya Kafelnikova did not mean to hurt the feelings of the animal neither she is seen abusing it.

Some people like to ride the elephant and the way the Mahut controllers it seems a bit of abuse. But since it is a huge animal that’s the way to control it. Elephants are capable of strong and complex emotions including joy, grief, compassion, and empathy. Elephants are also capable of suffering from physical and emotional pain. Therefore, to treat elephants in a manner that inflicts both physical suffering and psychological suffering is inhumane.

A baby Sumatran elephant died after losing half its trunk to a trap set by poachers in Indonesia.

The critically endangered one-year-old calf was left behind by its herd after being caught in the snare trap.

Is this picture humane? ask yourself. They have cut down the only thing

It is said if the elephant gets mad it becomes nearly impossible to control it and will destroy anything in its path. It is also said that elephants never forget, which I doubt in this. Maybe they can never forget the path but recognize humans after years of meeting them which I have done practically. It seemed he never even looked at me nor wanted to eat the food I tried to feed.

Alesya Kafelnikova

The worst part of this thing is that due to the pressure from the media she had to apologize to all. I am sure she did not mean any kind of publicity stunt or picture as if she lied naked on top of the elephant. I support her for her bravery. Everyone has their way of expressing to conserve nature and its habitant. She did it in her way. There is nothing wrong with it, it is just that nowadays this bullshit online or offline media wants to create a buzz and she fell in that.

The Sumatran elephant is considered a critically endangered species due to rapid rates of deforestation in its natural habitat of Borneo and Sumatra.

Male elephants are especially vulnerable to poachers because of their highly-prized tusks, which are sold on the illegal ivory market

Alesya meant nothing more than getting the attraction of the people around the world by her means. We all have our ways to communicate and get the attraction of the people all over the world and try to get the message to the people by her way.

washing the feet of the elephant


(P.S. one person can change something good which others realize very late. We too have elephants, rhino to name a few. I would personally come and meet you for your bravery and awareness. In Nepal, we have so many species and animals that are considered holy but at the same time killing is going on. Many place traps and when the animal gets stuck, imagine the pain it goes through and they are either left dead or their body parts are missing. )


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