One of the most read book in Hinduism

Religious books are very holy book to all the religions. It is said to be the means that we can communicate with GOD. Most of the books are written in our ancient language, and they haven’t changed a bit. May be the structure of the book and the quality of the printable paper have changed but the script is the same.

As, things have changed ( I am talking about the internet revolution) so has the structure of the way we communicate or pray with the God. Many of the holy book has been digitized, some has been transformed into audio.But there are some things that doesn’t make a sense to me. Look at the picture below and maybe it will speak to you.

A snapshot of the picture from the prayer which was online

The above picture is the snapshot of where the prayer of Shree Hanuman Chalise is advertised along with one of the product from The picture is nearly so erotic that I have no idea how the religion and erotic pictures go hand in hand. I am talking about the conflict over here, it’s something unmatchable. Imagine a person reading the prayer with the picture of horny girls along with it.

Actually, the one who handles the web site developer can choose what to put and what not to publish as an advertisement in his website. Either the site owner haven’t looked at his site or he is more concerned about monetization of his site. From my perspective this is a total bullshit and these types of sites should be banned from the world of world wide web.I do not know how many agree on this and how many are o.k with this, I am not that of a religious person but this is beyond the line.

The same site of hanuman chalise

May Hanuman hit the head of the publisher of such articles with his gada(The gada is the main weapon of the Hindu God Hanuman)


  1. Hey Suraj

    First of all great to see your new post on Hanuman Chalisa and the disrespect shown by the site developers or the entrepreneur himself.

    I think it just happened Either because of the Hindu God holds less value and respect.. or because the Hindus gives Damn to whoever make fun or joke on thier god.
    Does anyone Dares to post wrong associated with Allah.? Never ?? NO MUSLIMs tolerates this. which is absolutely Right…
    The entrepreneur or the site developer having the access to everything, gave less importance to what’s going on their site. That’s never been their or anyones concern.

    Therefore its every Hindus responsibility to carry out the respect for Hindu God as a high priority.
    Not to be Extremists but to respect the Creators.

    Thanks Suraj to take this matter as a concern to talk about. Great view..

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