Spiny babbler

Spiny babbler

The bird unnoticed

There are very much things this in Nepal unnoticed or not under limelight.There is one specific species of a bird that can only be found in Nepal, yes only in Nepal and it’s called Spiny babbler, scientific named as turdoides nipalensis and locally known as काडे बायाकूर.

Kande bhyakur

This bird is found only in the middle hills of Nepal,it can be seen around the Kathmandu valley, specifically around Godavari and Pulchoki close to lalitpur.

It was first scientifically found early in 19th century. After a while they were never seen again thought to gone extinct until it was rediscovered by an American ornithologist Sidney Dillon Ripley in the late 1940s.

This bird is carved in stone under a stone water spout at the fourth century old Gum Vihar complex, northeast of Kathmandu.

Water spout


This bird lives in dense scrubs and mouths of branches of bushes. It can be spotted at small trees while in singing mood.

It seeks insects almost entirely on the ground among low bushes appearing only occasionally.

It is very good at mimicking with squeaks,chuckles and chips.It is most easily located by its song as late as sept and October. This bird is subject to seasonal latitudinal movements.So, they are frequently seen around Khaptad National Park and also in Pokhara after the spread of community forestry.

This bird is threatened by the clearance of its habitant for agricultural and expansion of urban area.Outside protected area it is also a target for hunters.

Being only found in Nepal, and many unaware of this fact if we do not act quickly for the preservation of the bird it will soon go extinct. There is no supporting data of the population of the bird which makes it more challenging. The government and people of Nepal should give it a serious thought.

Spiny babbler

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