Stigma of Online Shopping in Nepal

What the future holds for Nepal on Online shopping.Some thoughts in it and some real life experience in it.

Online shopping in Nepal has good potential for growth. I have much of my career in Retail and in the beginning we had no idea that this would grasp the consumer so much.7 years back who would have thought that your sack of rice would be delivered to your doorstep.

As I was talking to one of the online sales representatives a year back, she mentioned that the percentage of online shoppers back in 2019 was 8% and they were forecasting that this percentage would grow up to 28% by the year 2022. Now that is a huge number, and the survey was done only in the capital but not in the whole country. Now I would imagine the day when the customer in the Jumla region would order a life-saving medicine or a kilo of sugar and these online dealers would be able to put that in action. This would be a real achievement. Capital is itself flourished with lots of retail stores in every corner so if online shopping can be labeled good, they must be able to cater to the whole nation as a whole.

Last month I did some online grocery shopping but they did not live up to their expectation, I would not prefer to name the site. They delayed the delivery and I had to call them again and again, they had one excuse that is because of the current epidemic of coronavirus. I would call this a lame excuse as what I have understood is never over-promise the customer and under deliver the promise. I would not prefer to shop from the same site again.

Now the other problem is the issue of Genuity, many sites have had a picture uploaded of one product and delivered otherwise. Everything can be altered in the picture, the good, bad, and ugly can look captivating in the picture but when it comes in reality it was else. One of my friend had paid for a t-shirt and they had delivered a wrong size upon returning it, they said they were out of stock and he was given a voucher instead. This is not fair according to the online consumer.

Do I call it good, when it comes to online shopping? They are still not up to the standards if we compare to the west or even our neighbor’s

Is it safe? I guess yes, it is quite safe for the payment as there are multiple sources of online payment like esewa, khalti, directly from bank acc to name a few. Also, some have cash on delivery but not on all the products.

Is it effective? I have no answer to this. It all depends upon your need, the best and I would always recommend a brick and mortar store where you can physically feel the product and ask all the queries to the salesperson. But, if you too busy and having a hectic lifestyle then you can shop from your fingertips. If the sites can deliver to remote areas where shopping is difficult then it would be effective.

online shopping in Nepal

I bought a Television through online, but nearly I did.

My recent experience on online shopping came to an end as I was buying a television. I was browsing the site, but it confused me. They had the same product advertised in different lines just changing the name of the product and adding extras like wall hanger in some, free antennas in some and some even labeled as double layered screen, I guess they wanted me to guess a guerrilla screen on T.V. The offer was great but I could not make up my mind, and really there was no-one to explain. So I directly had to contact the seller, then he explained that it was all the same product advertised to many. His selling price was slightly higher than online, this confused me. He clarified by saying that it all depends to online stores to promote the items, but his price was the same to all the customers. Then the online store delivered the product in a week and I had no patience to wait a whole weekend for the T.V to arrive so I chose to buy directly from the seller even thought the price was a bit higher, later he did a discount to me and I paid even less than the original sticker price, had a free wall mount and free delivery the same day.

So upon my experience, I can tell you that the online retailers in Nepal has a lot of room to improve themselves and be professional sellers. It is not a kids toy they are selling but lots of things that are essential to us, so they must take this task seriously and once again I say it – the road of online sellers should not be limited to the urban areas but to the whole nation. wishes them good luck in the task of serving the nation of Nepal and we Nepalese should also try to support them in the whole operation from our own way.Now what would be the way, I leave it to the readers.

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