Stress….in a simple form is very subjective and a personal effect. Just as the taste of the food differs from person to person, so does stress. We all go through stress during our lifetime, some are short-lived and others go on for a long period of time which provides a very fatal outcome. If you think that we humans are the only ones that feel stress, it’s quite the opposite even the animals do feel stress. Let me give you an example of where stress is created and how dangerous it can be from my own experience with my dog.

From a lovable dog to fearsome

the second level of stress- he is not liking the event.

First, it was a walk for around 30-40 mins. It was quite crowded on the pavement. But you know dogs are good at squeezing through the crowd. It was not a new place for my retriever but it was a sunny day, a bit of heat combined with the noise of the crowd was the first level of stress for my golden retriever. These retrievers have excellent temperament and it did help him to calm his nerves. Later we went to the bank walking, after a little bit of discussion with the guard finally, we both were in the line for the counter. Everyone was a bit shocked to see a dog inside a bank, his handsome face did the trick. People started patting his forehead, not one but many. I had heard before somewhere that the dogs do not like being touched in their face, maybe this was the second level of stress for him. We left the bank, hopped in the taxi and headed to one of the busiest places to shop. My friend wanted to buy shoes, we had to look at most of the shops in king’s way Kathmandu. My pet friend was being impatient now as he was being dragged from one place to next, with all-new smell, new people not a friendly environment for a dog. This probably hit him to the third level of stress, and it spiked more when we had the coffee and he had nothing. He was getting dehydrated and irritated by the heat, the sound of the cars and constant moving. Dogs do love the new environments but in nature rather than the urban area. We headed back in the taxi, I could not open the window fear of him leaping out, he hasn’t done it so far. Later rather than heading home I had to take him to the vet for vaccination. The vet told me to lift him up, put him on the table then watch his head. They gave me a muzzle for his mouth, and as I was trying to muzzle him that was it. It was the final and boiling point, everything summed up, he could not take a single bit more. My poor golden retriever snapped my hand, in a flash of a second I had multiple bites and I was bleeding. He jumped off the table and ran out, I was not concerned about my hand but his. I followed him only to add insult to his injury. He then leapt on top of me and bite me multiple times.

Later, most of the people were saying it’s better to put down the dog. He was unfit for contact with humans and too much of a risk. Little did they know how the event unfolded, it was not a matter of the muzzle but of the incident was the sum of all the stress he had endured the whole day. I knew what had gone wrong.

boating in a stressed lake

The same thing happens to us as well, if we notice our events and all the negative and unnecessary vibes that we contact with they cause stress. Stress multiplies and if we do not stop it, it will create huge chaos. Many might be hurt in this chaos among those we might harm even our loved ones. We might then suffer from chronic pain and so forth. I have written a previous post on some basics about our neurotransmitters which might be useful for understanding the stress Introduction of Neurotransmitters for general info

Sometimes these unfold the worst period of our lives, the example of this is living proof in the image below in the United States. Almost all victims were children and almost all the shooters took their own life at a later stage. You can read much about it here

the number speaks by itself

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