Taxi Nightmare at Kathmandu.


Commuting, traveling, hopping, to the work or back from work or any other activities that needs traveling needs some sort of transportation system. I have visited numerous countries and all along the way I personally found all the taxi service to be so well disciplined and many are professional. If I have to rate the taxi service of the capital of Nepal, 10 being worst and 1 being excellent I would without any second thought would put them in 8-9.

The taxi service is horrible, very irresponsible and arrogant. Just for an example, I was at Thamel at the same spot above the picture, taxis were lined up. I asked them first by greeting and then giving them the destination. Some were sleeping inside, some talking on the phone ignoring my words and some even kept their legs in the steering wheel and using a toothpick to remove the stuck meat between his teeth. Upon asking why they don’t want to go to my destination, they have all multiple answers, some said there is too much traffic on the way there, some said they have to return empty, some said simply no. I don’t understand the whole concept of taxis in Nepal, especially Kathmandu. From my understanding taxis are the means of transporting passengers upon the taximeter and given the cash upon reaching the destination. Here in Nepal, I found 98% of the taxis not using the taximeter and figuring out the price of the ride in their own head. Then why would I been needing the Taxi, they can make it a private vehicle rather than the public. I personally hate bargaining and I am not good at that as well, so all this hassle prior to the ride makes me sick and angry.

I do not blame the transportation system that the government has kept in. But, it only remained in the law and not practised. The government has gone to that extent of postering the fare from major places, like the airport and other places. There is a hefty fine for not running in the taxi meter if you complain. But do these guys care, they do not? All of them have the same thoughts about the taxi meter that it is so outdated that if we run according to the meter we will be always in loss. I don’t understand then why our bloody government and taxi association come to a conclusion. The public are suffering because of this. Almost all the taxis are hatchback not sedan and inside there is so much dirt and filth on the old models that I highly recommend you not to wear a white. Upon exiting you will have countless marks and spots.

If only these local public transportation comes to the term mentioned at law commission, it would be so much better not only for us but for them as well. I understand they have long working and driving is a tiring job, if you have driven a car you will understand why it is very tiring and hard work, you can find the law in the link mentioned at

I am sure many of us have suffered regardless of how much we avoid these somewhere along the line you need a taxi, whether you are returning from hospital or you are going to the wedding or some event. I do not have to say much about the means of transportation, that is an entirely different story. But as of now, we cannot live waiting for some moments to come to take actions.

Uber, Pathao are some means of travelling and it is being very highlighted and the public are delighted. But even these have limits, like we cannot use Pathao ride in the rainy season and renting a car in it is costly. The price is calculated according to the destination being how far is it and the drivers might be amateur and risk of others are there. But the public have voted and they are with Pathao than our local taxi. Something needs to be done or else the balance of our whole public transportation will be a big huge mess.

There is an article written about this in the Annapurna express,,the%20passengers%2C%E2%80%9D%20Pudasaini%20says.

Below is the reason why Pathao was born, the founder talks himself about it.

(p.s- I forgot to mention something, many of us or around us have said they have cell phone in the taxi or forgot something in the taxi and they never recovered. My deepest praise to those innocent drivers that have returned the items they find even it is a life changing sum of money.)

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