Top Trending Dog Breeds of 2021

Trending Dog Breeds of 2021:

Below I have compiled some of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Since the statics to get the data of Nepal on this subject matter is quite difficult we can just analysis it comparatively use it as a reference.

1# Labrador Retriever:

Three Labrador Retriever dogs on the grass, black, chocolate and yellow colour coats.

This breed has been on the top spot for the last 30 years, and that’s a huge achievement. Although it ranks on the top still this breed comes with lots of responsibilities. Retrievers are extremely intelligent and love the challenge of training sessions. They need an active home where they have plenty of opportunities to play and run.

I am not so sure about the purity of the breed in Nepal but in the states, the cost of the puppies may start from 500$, INR 15,000 in India and Rs 25,000 in Nepal. These prices are just approximate, exact costs can be gained from the trusted seller.

2# French Bulldog:

French Bulldog sitting and looking at the camera, isolated on white

French Bulldog has gained recent popularity due to its adaptability to live in urban areas which means people living in cities or apartments can have them. But, still, they do require moderate exercise.

Although with some benefits of having them this breed does not come cheap. Prices in the states may start from 1500 to 2500$ in the states, INR 1,00,000 in India and NRS 10,00,000-20,00,000 in Nepal. So, do not be surprised with having this as this does cost a lot including their health cost apart. These prices are just approximate, exact costs can be gained from the trusted seller.

3#German Shepherd Dog:

Healthy purebred dog photographed outdoors in nature on a sunny day.

The breed has slipped in the ranking a bit but no matter, there are loyal fans of this breed all across the world. Very loyal, and the description of this breed is no stranger to the known. One thing I personally felt and have come across and want to give a straight message to the owner is this breed needs plenty of exercise and opportunities for mental stimulation. If not they can be quite the opposite of what you expect them to be. Then, do not blame them blame yourself for not fulfilling their needs.

Prices in the states may start from 800$ in the states, INR 15,000-40,000 in India and NRS 18,000 for females -30,000 for males in Nepal. Do not forget to add their food and health cost on top of that. These prices are just approximate, exact costs can be gained from the trusted seller.

4# Golden Retriever:

Mr.peanut butter

Golden Retrievers ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds, and there is a very good reason. The listing will be long, I have personally raised one which I had adopted from someone, we even went to the Annapurna circuit. There are serious while working, easy to train and the best thing about them is they are very loyal to the owners. Same as German Shepherd they need plenty of mental and physical exercise on a daily basis. They are a good choice as guide dogs and the perfect family companion.

Prices in the states may start from 14,400 to 15,700$ in the states, INR35000 – 40000  in India and NRS Rs.45000 – 70000 in Nepal. These are average prices although puppy mills sell them at much lower rates without proper breeding. These prices are just approximate, exact costs can be gained from the trusted seller.

5# Bulldog:

bulldog standing in the grass

Do not get confused between the french bulldog and this bulldog. To make the confusion a bit clearer, have a look at the following comparison. Despite their muscular, low-slung bodies and a cheerful broad smile and tough look this breed loves nothing more than to try and snuggle into their owner’s lap. Remember one thing they are not good swimmers so, do not leave them unsupervised in the water.

Types of bulldogs.

My apologies as I cannot find the price of this breed in the countries cause of confusion between French bulldog and Bulldog. But if, you want more precise information about this breed head to this link.

6# Poodle

7# Beagle

8# Rottweiler

9# German Shorthaired Pointer

10# Dachshund

The next 10 breeds are as follows:

11. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

12. Australian Shepherd

13. Yorkshire Terrier

14. Boxer

15. Great Dane

16. Siberian Husky

17. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

18. Doberman Pinscher

19. Miniature Schnauzer

20. Shih Tzu

Well, these are the top 20 dog breeds that people are keen on having as the pet. Please, do not have them just because you like them and you can afford to buy them. Financial ability is something to have them but apart from that, I have seen personally people picking up the dogs without any proper research and later on many are not able to meet their physical and mental needs. Top trending dogs does not necessary means having them it makes you star of the show or of the community but rather if bound with proper responsibility they will teach you a lot without words.

This article is dedicated to my best friend who left behind lot of memories and teachings..

My beloved friend

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