An idiot abroad

Trailer of season one

Season 1-Season 3

The most funniest and humor filled reality show on the television.I never knew who was Karl Pilkington, until I came across this insane show. The show is very simple in nature, sending one man in seven wonders of the world by the two producers. The journeyman thinks it is a simple task as he has never been out of the country and never been out of his comfort zone.

Many viewers have said most of the scenes are staged in order to produce such humor, but I find innocence in trouble. If you are a sort of person who happens to laugh at the person slipping on the bananas skin and landing into women’s breast causing her to fall down and with her the ice cold cola into the person then you will love this series. I found it profoundly funny, the innocences of Karl and his stories of unexpected troubles are the real frosting of the show.

Love it or hate it, this series definitely deserves a watch and it is on my watchlist. I rarely laugh, things that comedians do does not make me laugh. It looks too easy for me. I bet you it is a difficult task as a actor to make me laugh and Karl Pilkington has done his job well and hats off to him for that.