Better Call Saul

Season 1 – Ongoing

Better call Saul carries off where breaking bad left it. It has moments of humor, frustration, set backs and even politics. Whatever it is all about how being diplomatic will ease your way up, online or offline. Its another master piece from Vince Gilligan.It is not that mandatory to watch breaking bad but since the story and cast are related to it, it will be much easy to understand what is going on. 

Saul Goodman is witty, diplomatic, funny, misunderstood, lovely and does unexpected things to go out of his comfort zone. There are couple of other cast that the story is based on but it is mainly focused on Saul Goodman.Played by Bob Odenkirk, he has portrayed his role without a slightest of glitch.

Vince Gilligan has successfully kept the audience at the edge of seat anticipating next episode. According to the media the final season will air on 2021..