Breaking Bad

Season 1 – Season 5

Directed by Vince Gilligan, it was originally aired on Netflix. Breaking Bad has won numerous award and every aspect of the series show up. I do not exactly say it’s family-friendly, as one of the episodes shows women breast and rest are fueled with drug scenes, violence, and few vulgar dialogues. What amazes me in this series as it is fiction though, is a subject matter that can be a fact in real life. If you are one of few whose options in life are narrowed down to few and what if those options lead to getting your hands dirty with no support from your loved ones then you will love this series. Although its slow at times and has very depressing moments in it, still it’s worth the watch. At times when t.v industry is dominated by reality shows, comedy and drama breaking bad spills the beans with its entirely new concept. People will go to any extent to fulfill their pending desires.

One thing is for certain after finishing the whole episodes, every viewer will look back it in a different perspective comparing their lives with it.

Just to let you know that breaking bad has two more sequels followed by it, one being a movie based on it. Nobody had the slightest hint that breaking bad will be a benchmark prior to its releases and many say it is one of the best in television history.