Game of Thrones

Season 1 – Season 8

Yes, yes , yes it’s Game of Thrones. Surprisingly this is one of the series that i watched it pretty late after its release. Heard lot about it and when things go viral it does not attract my attention much.Although it has one of the highest ratings and is a big budgeted series with loads of computer generated effects, still it contains lots of nudity in between the series. These nude scenes have meaning behind each episode and is not entertained for the sake of raising your libido.

Based on the book called A song of fire and ice, it has all the elements that someone can anticipate.Fantasy has no boundaries on experiments and Game of Thrones has it all, you name it…Royal, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Love, Romance, Betrayal, Brotherhood, Tremor, Bloody  ravage, War, Peace, Bonds, Murder, Assassins, Capital punishment and Dragons.

I always loved anything related to dragon, wizards and those age where your words were just as good as written bond. Being a reader of dragon-lance series and a huge fan of lord of the rings trilogy, Game of thrones had me binge watch it after downloading all the episodes.

Most of the cast are well known in the industry, they are charismatic and sometimes in the middle of all it you get puzzled which side of the story you are in.

It is a history being created and i am sure that even after a century people will still be talking about it.

Everything was superb for me except the ending which is very unreal with the story.If you have watched it you know what i mean, if you haven’t i will leave it to you to decide.

This is one the series in the television history which i must say if you haven’t watched game of thrones then you haven’t watched anything.