Season 1 – Season 3

Do not confuse this with Narcos -Mexico, which was another Netflix series about the drug lord. This Narcos which i am stating is the original one first aired in August 2015.

Fact is stranger than fiction. After watching the whole episode i really had to rewind to what extent they have portrayed Pablo Escobar. If true this is more than a biography than a fictional series.

History remembers only good and evil.

Pablo Escobar had one philosophy choose silver or lead where silver represents cash and lead the bullet or death.No one comes in his way, his dreams were big, he challenged the government of Columbia that he could repay all the national debt.

I never heard of any other drug lord who built his own prison and the government had to agree on that.

Its a story of how a humble small narco trafficker becomes not only Columbia but the worlds top narco trafficker. 

His strategy were brutal but effective. Netflix gained a lot of attention after the release of Narcos.

Whether you love or hate Pablo, whether or not you like narcotic substance Narcos is one of the few series that is captivating and so weird but true.

Its a must watch in the watch-list.