SEASON 1-2 ( rumors of season 3 is online)

streamed in 2018 by Netflix

YOU is a series first of all I must warn you is not at all a family friendly show, even though it’s about love. Loving someone can be so dangerous that he or she gets blinded by the love and they tend to go to every extent to love their protected one.

The series includes lots of nudity and erotic scenes but they all have story, for example breaking the bed while making love and the other guy getting excuse in helping to fix it just to meet the girl. This series is so beautifully as well as demonically created that I have hats off to the producers and the director.It also warns us the stigma attached to the danger of the technologies that we are accustomed to.

This series somehow remind me of the book “the count of monte Cristo”. Yet, I did not binge watch the series but instead counted days before ending it up. The last few episodes of season 2 gets boring a bit by bringing the main characters childhood memories back for a while, but it is only for a while. The episodes also provokes some violence in order to get what you want.

You can expect lots of blood, kisses, romance and moments when there are times what is next crosses your mind.The last season gives us a hint that season 3 in the making but according to the series for me personally, it would be much better if they put a lid on the whole episode of “YOU”in season 2.