You're the Worst

Season 1 – Season 5

Created by Stephan Falk and played by Chris Geere as Jimmy and Aya Cash as Gretchen. It is  a humorous series with twisted and turning relationship.It also protrayes as how one battles with depression and addiction of all sort. Since there are lots of scenes including mild sexual encounters and humorous explicit dialogues i would not recommend it watching it with the family, unless they are very open towards these subjects.

This is one of the few series that made me smile, laugh  and moan.It has a very different type of story line and the actors have played it so well along the whole thing that it is hard to find any flaws in it.

There are moments of romance and daring truth. When everything seems to go well suddenly it takes an unexpected turn and the viewers are left dumb and shocked about how brutal things can go around. Change of heart and immediate needs of a partner are some of the showcase of the series.

It is one of the series that can be a talk of the coffee table or canteen or on break at workplace.

You will curse or love certain characters in the series , whether you love them or hate them they all give you the same message-You’re the worst.