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Caution: The following contents are intended for a mature person. Some reflect nudity, some encourage narcotic use, and some inflict violence. Hence, if you are not willing to engage in any of the above, close the site.

Below, I have complied some of the western series that have a deeper sense of meaning and have given me a second thought to flashback after each episode. One way or another it has changed the way we think and act after watching them. Many have been able to mark the household name and some still to be seen.

Mirzapur- When Amazon Enters India in television

Season 1- season 3

mirzapur trailer

Personally, I was not a big fan or favour of Bollywood movies except some.Looks as if the things have changed. Mirzapur is directed by Karan Anshuman, Gurmmeet Singh. and Mihir Desai.It was made by excel entertainment and showed on amazon prime video.It has three season, where the first one was aired on 16 November 2018. This series is not to be watched by minors as there are lots of vulgar words and some vulgar scene involved in it.

Although the series is completely based on revenge and murder. It involves dirty politics and how some top based dons control the state of India. This series completely changed my mindset of the Indian t.v. series. The acting is top notch, the direction is amazing and every detail has been carefully planned. I cannot explain much but this series will definitely give all of us inspiration of some kind to those to watch, of not at least you won’t regret the series. Among all the Indian movies that I have seen every generation is different and so the fans change. This series caters all the generation of the India and rest of the world as well.The direction is so well done and the actors have played their role so well that I would give them oscars.Hats off to all the whole team.

season 2 trailer

An idiot abroad

Trailer of season one

Season 1-Season 3

The most funniest and humor filled reality show on the television.I never knew who was Karl Pilkington, until I came across this insane show. The show is very simple in nature, sending one man in seven wonders of the world by the two producers. The journeyman thinks it is a simple task as he has never been out of the country and never been out of his comfort zone.

Many viewers have said most of the scenes are staged in order to produce such humor, but I find innocence in trouble. If you are a sort of person who happens to laugh at the person slipping on the bananas skin and landing into women’s breast causing her to fall down and with her the ice cold cola into the person then you will love this series. I found it profoundly funny, the innocences of Karl and his stories of unexpected troubles are the real frosting of the show.

Love it or hate it, this series definitely deserves a watch and it is on my watchlist. I rarely laugh, things that comedians do does not make me laugh. It looks too easy for me. I bet you it is a difficult task as a actor to make me laugh and Karl Pilkington has done his job well and hats off to him for that.


SEASON 1-2 ( rumors of season 3 is online)

streamed in 2018 by Netflix

YOU is a series first of all I must warn you is not at all a family friendly show, even though it’s about love. Loving someone can be so dangerous that he or she gets blinded by the love and they tend to go to every extent to love their protected one.

The series includes lots of nudity and erotic scenes but they all have story, for example breaking the bed while making love and the other guy getting excuse in helping to fix it just to meet the girl. This series is so beautifully as well as demonically created that I have hats off to the producers and the director.It also warns us the stigma attached to the danger of the technologies that we are accustomed to.

This series somehow remind me of the book “the count of monte Cristo”. Yet, I did not binge watch the series but instead counted days before ending it up. The last few episodes of season 2 gets boring a bit by bringing the main characters childhood memories back for a while, but it is only for a while. The episodes also provokes some violence in order to get what you want.

You can expect lots of blood, kisses, romance and moments when there are times what is next crosses your mind.The last season gives us a hint that season 3 in the making but according to the series for me personally, it would be much better if they put a lid on the whole episode of “YOU”in season 2.

Breaking Bad

Season 1 – Season 5

Directed by Vince Gilligan, it was originally aired on Netflix. Breaking Bad has won numerous award and every aspect of the series show up. I do not exactly say it’s family-friendly, as one of the episodes shows women breast and rest are fueled with drug scenes, violence, and few vulgar dialogues. What amazes me in this series as it is fiction though, is a subject matter that can be a fact in real life. If you are one of few whose options in life are narrowed down to few and what if those options lead to getting your hands dirty with no support from your loved ones then you will love this series. Although its slow at times and has very depressing moments in it, still it’s worth the watch. At times when t.v industry is dominated by reality shows, comedy and drama breaking bad spills the beans with its entirely new concept. People will go to any extent to fulfill their pending desires.

One thing is for certain after finishing the whole episodes, every viewer will look back it in a different perspective comparing their lives with it.

Just to let you know that breaking bad has two more sequels followed by it, one being a movie based on it. Nobody had the slightest hint that breaking bad will be a benchmark prior to its releases and many say it is one of the best in television history.


Season 1 – Season 4

I came across this series while browsing in the couch tuner. It was just a random television series I had hit upon.

It’s a slow series, mostly based on drama..not much an action type. But if you love some serious drama, this is one not to be missed.

What happens if you accidentally and wrongly accused of murder and rape, then you are given a death sentence but every time someone from your family defends you in the time you are going to be executed. You spend your whole teenage life and more just caged up in the box without any interaction with humans and suddenly after years, you are let loose in the society.

How would you cope with it? It’s a series scary as hell at times and if understood correctly by the society..the punishment is so severe that there would be minimum victims of rape and murder.


Season 1 – Season 3

Do not confuse this with Narcos -Mexico, which was another Netflix series about the drug lord. This Narcos which i am stating is the original one first aired in August 2015.

Fact is stranger than fiction. After watching the whole episode i really had to rewind to what extent they have portrayed Pablo Escobar. If true this is more than a biography than a fictional series.

History remembers only good and evil.

Pablo Escobar had one philosophy choose silver or lead where silver represents cash and lead the bullet or death.No one comes in his way, his dreams were big, he challenged the government of Columbia that he could repay all the national debt.

I never heard of any other drug lord who built his own prison and the government had to agree on that.

Its a story of how a humble small narco trafficker becomes not only Columbia but the worlds top narco trafficker. 

His strategy were brutal but effective. Netflix gained a lot of attention after the release of Narcos.

Whether you love or hate Pablo, whether or not you like narcotic substance Narcos is one of the few series that is captivating and so weird but true.

Its a must watch in the watch-list.

Gangs of London

Season 1 – Ongoing

Based in London, United Kingdom Gangs of London is a series full of violence and torture. It is a family friendly show until the last episode of season 1  there is a brief sex scene involved.

What i liked about yet another action packed thriller of underworld criminal and gangs, the fight scene are pretty much real life looking and revenge being priority one.

The series revels the mystery slowly and dead body count looks very normal after some time.

Its a very brutal show with lots of blood and family ties invloved, the show gives us a clear message that for power people can cross any lines.

As i write of this season 2 has still not yet been renewed.But according to the plot it should be released by 2021.

Game of Thrones

Season 1 – Season 8

Yes, yes , yes it’s Game of Thrones. Surprisingly this is one of the series that i watched it pretty late after its release. Heard lot about it and when things go viral it does not attract my attention much.Although it has one of the highest ratings and is a big budgeted series with loads of computer generated effects, still it contains lots of nudity in between the series. These nude scenes have meaning behind each episode and is not entertained for the sake of raising your libido.

Based on the book called A song of fire and ice, it has all the elements that someone can anticipate.Fantasy has no boundaries on experiments and Game of Thrones has it all, you name it…Royal, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Love, Romance, Betrayal, Brotherhood, Tremor, Bloody  ravage, War, Peace, Bonds, Murder, Assassins, Capital punishment and Dragons.

I always loved anything related to dragon, wizards and those age where your words were just as good as written bond. Being a reader of dragon-lance series and a huge fan of lord of the rings trilogy, Game of thrones had me binge watch it after downloading all the episodes.

Most of the cast are well known in the industry, they are charismatic and sometimes in the middle of all it you get puzzled which side of the story you are in.

It is a history being created and i am sure that even after a century people will still be talking about it.

Everything was superb for me except the ending which is very unreal with the story.If you have watched it you know what i mean, if you haven’t i will leave it to you to decide.

This is one the series in the television history which i must say if you haven’t watched game of thrones then you haven’t watched anything.

You're the Worst

Season 1 – Season 5

Created by Stephan Falk and played by Chris Geere as Jimmy and Aya Cash as Gretchen. It is  a humorous series with twisted and turning relationship.It also protrayes as how one battles with depression and addiction of all sort. Since there are lots of scenes including mild sexual encounters and humorous explicit dialogues i would not recommend it watching it with the family, unless they are very open towards these subjects.

This is one of the few series that made me smile, laugh  and moan.It has a very different type of story line and the actors have played it so well along the whole thing that it is hard to find any flaws in it.

There are moments of romance and daring truth. When everything seems to go well suddenly it takes an unexpected turn and the viewers are left dumb and shocked about how brutal things can go around. Change of heart and immediate needs of a partner are some of the showcase of the series.

It is one of the series that can be a talk of the coffee table or canteen or on break at workplace.

You will curse or love certain characters in the series , whether you love them or hate them they all give you the same message-You’re the worst.

Better Call Saul

Season 1 – Ongoing

Better call Saul carries off where breaking bad left it. It has moments of humor, frustration, set backs and even politics. Whatever it is all about how being diplomatic will ease your way up, online or offline. Its another master piece from Vince Gilligan.It is not that mandatory to watch breaking bad but since the story and cast are related to it, it will be much easy to understand what is going on. 

Saul Goodman is witty, diplomatic, funny, misunderstood, lovely and does unexpected things to go out of his comfort zone. There are couple of other cast that the story is based on but it is mainly focused on Saul Goodman.Played by Bob Odenkirk, he has portrayed his role without a slightest of glitch.

Vince Gilligan has successfully kept the audience at the edge of seat anticipating next episode. According to the media the final season will air on 2021.. 

Prison Break

Season 1 – Season 5

This is one of the series that got me hooked.I used to binge watch it,there are no sexual content or strong language used so it is a family friendly show.Season 1 to season 3 keeps you much anticipated for the next after that it gets much more complicated and loses its main theme where a master mind does a impossible.What it taught me was things doesnt go as planned nomatter how prepared you are, there will be dead ends and darkness. Its all about how you improvise and move ahead,being patient and diplomatic at the same time.
Now once in a while when i flash back certain series the acting looks less appealing, still its worth a watch.

Looks as if season 6 is in air..and it comes in life of 21st century.