What is something that needs to be said?

I believe everyone has a rocky road.Adversity is unseen and comes in different forms,the hardest part is to accept it.We humans are designed to accept happiness. No one wakes up from the bed thinking to have or wish for a bad day.

Everybody loves or wants a good time.But, when difficult circumstances hits you, we prefer not to accept it.We avoid it by either not talking/thinking about it or simply push it for the future to solve it.

I have friends who says- “leave it,whatever happens we will see it in the future or face it later. Do not spoil the good time NOW”.Yes, good times are good but what about the forsaken problems.When will we resolve it?

We can’t resolve it later if we are not able to resolve it at the present moment.Some say to wait for the right time.Yes, there are moments that needs a pending time.What i think is it will only act like a time bomb,waiting for explosion.If we are not able to resolve it now at least we can take a step towards it.The first step is accepting it.Cause, most of the problems comes with opportunities.

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