What place is at the top of your bucket list?

Although I have travelled to most countries in Asia pacific, middle east and up to eastern Europe including Turkey one country has always fascinated me.

It’s culture, the language, the food to every little detail. This country is my neighbouring country so I will do it. It remains top of my bucket list. The country is none other than China. Once I have settled down in life and contributed all the major rituals that a man is supposed to do. I will do this travel.

My whole idea and the plan is hiring a 4 by 4 truck. Probably, Toyota Hilux then starts my journey from Tibet all the way across to Mongolia. I want to explore the hidden routes, ancient valleys and difficult terrains.

The country is vast and the road to Mongolia from Lhasa is not that easy. Although I might miss most of the other side of the china.

This journey is not that easy as it sounds and how wonderful the adventure might be, there are lots of planning, secondary plans, costs involved and many other things to be covered.

I might need a partner who shares the same passion as me, and holds the same belief that this can be done. My main concern is the cost of hiring Toyota Hilux. That is the only pickup truck that I believe can get me through this journey without any major problem. Now, hiring that in China through this journey is like buying a new one. Let’s see what comes ahead. This is one of the adventure I am been keen on and been on my bucket list since years.

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