What should be done for developing Nepal? 

Just in three sentences

Well two-sentence, and I will finish it and won’t make it long for readers to get bored.

  1. Have a proper form of education since the early stage, in a decade or two, these children will be the ones running, governing, working, or maybe destroying the country.
  2. Invest heavily on tourism, promote worldwide what they should visit and create a platform accordingly.
  3. We have to revolutionize our commerce, let first world countries invest in our country so that the most important thing is people will have jobs. Thousands upon thousands are leaving the country, being the main reason of unemployment. No matter how much the country earns from the remittance, it is something that cannot be relied upon. The recent CO-VID crisis is a living example. For that those willing to invest will look upon-why would they invest? what is the return of investment? How easy is the resource available and what are the means of supply and chain?

I can carry on this to maybe 100 points? If your feedback included it might cross thousands, but what is the easy way out. Although the country has remained a kingdom for centuries and we are way back comparing to the developed country. I believe still we can preserve our culture, our heritage but also be open to the changes that things will come forward, for the development of our country Nepal.

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