Where is the best tattoo shop in Nepal?

Tattoo culture hit our city and the generation hard in the late nineties. It was slow and steady growth. At first, it looked as if junkies, outlaws, and freaks had them. In the next decade, it flourished like a mushroom in the city of Kathmandu and other cities. I have my back covered with some tattoos that I cannot see unless I have a mirror in the back and front, as my travel from Egypt to the Philippines took place I went through numerous tattoo shops and individuals.

at Marrakech, Morocco

My concern was the quality and the craftsmanship in my country Nepal regarding the tattoos were poor. But, I found it worse in the other parts of the world. I nearly ended up with the session in Singapore until the last minute decision to not have it, the ego and pride the artist had and their immature communication had me canceled my plan.

During my holiday visits to Nepal, I thought I should give local guys the try on my skin canvas. My heavy search and recommendation took me to Mohan’s tattoo at Thamel. Yes, I had heard about it before but as I said i was not sure about their skill to give it a go.

Later, I booked a session. I had a chat with the artist I had to have. I explained to him what I wanted. And yes, it clicked me. That’s what I wanted – it was about the connection between the artist and the living canvas. It was about the trust, Believe me, if you have been to the counseling session you would understand what I mean. It is something that stays on you for the rest of your life and I didn’t want any dumb to sketch anything he wanted without explaining to me what he was doing.

Mohan’s tattoo was very professional, they had some sort of paperwork for legal issues that they had me signed. On top of that, they were very hygenic and the guys, I mean the artists the owner hired were very pros. They would listen to your concerns, and I support Mr. Mohan himself for not turning his tattoo parlor as a cash cow but as a passion that he himself has. He himself is very humble and so is the front office staff. I had my first back tattoo at Mohan’s Tattoo center.

Since then upon my every return on a holiday in Nepal I have been inking my back at Mohan’s tattoo only. Although the last session was not that what I expected. The artist was not sure what I wanted, I felt he was just too bored or had burn out the cause of the craze people go through to have it done. This is my honest opinion, I had a total of 3 sessions of tattoos at Mohan’s Tatto parlor and all of them were fine except for the last one.

Then for the change of hand and artistic skill, I went to Mines tattoo shop for my next ink. The guy an the owner who inked me was very humble and listened well, he had an assistant who was deaf and dumb but was very artistic. I owe him respect for giving such heavy responsibility to him. He was fair in price and overall I was satisfied. He also gave me a bonus ink, refreshing my old tattoo. The only thing that amazed me was the guy he himself had no tattoo at all. Upon my asking, he gave me an answer which I don’t think is wise for me to publish.

Mine’s Ink and Tattoo parlor

Well, my endnotes are I had experience with these two in Kathmandu, Nepal. I avoided having inked in many countries many times due to a lack of communication. I know some very good freelancers as well, some idiots, and some just calling themselves a tattoo artist without any knowledge and essential skill required for it. Some times it is a painstaking project and an addiction to having inked again and again.There is no best and there’s no worst. Every artist has his separate skill, as tattoo is a huge and deep lake of topic if we dig in. I am sure every artist wants to be proud upon his work.Just a very straight forward word- DO NOT HAVE TATTOO WHILE YOU ARE HIGH OR IN UNSTABLE MOOD TO MAKE DECISIONS.

Do your research very well, it is not a fashion statement nor something like changing cloth or your mood. It is a mark, I reckon at your death your tattoo is the only thing that you will cover with. It is not a topic to be taken lightly and upon wild eyes or deaf ears.

For me personally, tattoos are like a private museum, where only very few eye sights are allowed to visit. I wanted it to be a story well written without words. I am thankful for the people they had me as a canvas and they didn’t go wrong with it.

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