Why are room rents so much expensive in Kathmandu?

Even the single room costs 5000 on average? Why there is so much difference between the normal citizen salary and rent price in Kathmandu? Why is government not taking any action towards it?

Room rents are defined in certain things, some of them being- the area-how civilized the area is. the location-how far the room is from the nearest town. the accommodation- is the whole house defined as residential or commercial. amnesties- access to non stop water/ electricity and parking space for your vehicle.

Safety and security- how safe is the place being are there nearest police station and ambulance available upon emergency. the room itself- some of the tenants are charged with other thing being, whether the room is on the ground floor or in the first floor, the view from the room and the angle of the lights entering the room being some.

These above are few of the categories i believe from which accordingly the room rent should be billed. Kathmandu has become a expensive city because of the people itself. People of the village and other cities flock to Kathmandu, thinking there are much more opportunities in the city and this is the heart of the country.

It is the simple economical fact that people grow but the land do not grow. When the demand outgrows the supply, it is the landlords that have the dice in their hand. We are not to blame the government for this but the people itself for not speaking against it. If you remember there are certain rates from and to displayed in the billboards for the taxi fare, but do the taxis adhere to the rule. It is one of us who are willing to pay against the written rule. The same applies in the rent as well, although the government have not written a solid rent rule it is us to decide and negotiate how much to pay.

I was so much surprised when i had a job in Bhairwaha , we had to find and pay for our own accommodation . Upon searching and searching tirelessly we could not find rooms first of all upon our needs and it was much more expensive than Kathmandu.

Regarding the salary, if you have skilled work and you are a high asset towards the company you work for your pay check can be handsomely paid.If you are just a normal unskilled person for whom the company does not mind even you leave anytime then you have no room to negotiate for the salary.

So, get some skill in you, Get paid with additional benefit and you can claim for the accommodation bill in your salary as well.

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