Why do so many tourists visit Kathmandu?

First of all, it is the only gateway to the country. I mean people who arrive by air do not have a secondary option, either on arrival or in the exit they have to stay at Kathmandu. 90% or more of us have spared some time to look around the city and what it has to offer. Maybe, we being locals and seeing the same thing over and over again doesn’t mean much to us but to the eye of someone who is new in the city, the same thing will be very new and interesting.

Apart from that Kathmandu, not only being it as one of the most developed city, it is easy to navigate, tourist have much options such as food and drinks to different levels of accommodation.Kathmandu has a different vibe in it’s own. It’s history dates back hundreds of year back and the lifestyle of the locals may look like a culture shock to the outsiders.

We as locals may feel we have developed very much but the fact is we still are way behind the western. Kathmandu continuously tops as the best and cheap destination to visit on travel blogs but still in actual Pokhara tops the list. If the government had invested in building the airport than Bhairwaha it would be much beneficial and then we can actually count the traffic of tourists visiting Kathmandu.

Tourists in Kathmandu
Tourists in Kathmandu

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