You are so Beautiful

Harmony in Daniella

The picture of this beautiful girl is none other than Daniella Alvarez, and I had made the picture blurred for a reason. Sometimes when life hits you down very hard and strips away your basic things, after which you have to do some menial task you hate in life, you start to hate your existence. In this period once in a while, you have often shared a story, a story which is a fact but looks like a story from a novel, and this story gives you fuel-the fuel to overcome the difficulties that you face. Just look at the smile of this girl in the picture and it makes you say- You are so Beautiful.

miss Columbia Daniella Alvarez 2011-2012

Columbia has been made famous in the world by narco-traffickers as the place in the world where most of the cocaine is produced. But, cocaine is not only the product Columbia produces as it also has one of the beautiful looking modest girls in the world. The picture above is of Miss Columbia 2011-2012 Daniella Alvarez and she was the contestant for Miss Universe 2012.

more captions of Daniella.

You are Beautiful, inside out.

The world came to know 32-year-old Colombian model Daniella in 2011 when she represented and won the Miss Colombia pageant. Just by looking at her smile is enough to make you smile back, without doubt, she is beautiful. She represented her country at Miss Universe 2012, since then she was living a normal life. Life of a model, a daughter, a lover, a sister, and with millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook alike. Her much profile can be read at

June 2020 as the world was slowly getting the grip of the pandemic of co-vid, Daniella had other things to worry about. Initially, she was told by the doctors that she had to be operated on for small mass removal, the mass as the size of the coin but what was left after the surgery that must have shooked her.

After the operation

Prior to this event, her life was steering at the right side of life. Alvarez is a social communicator and journalist as well. Her passion is to dance and she shares some of her love of dance, specifically champeta and bachata on social media. She also works as a TV host and in addition, she works on the radio program on Mujeres W and La .W.station.Last year she also became the host of one of the famous Caracol competition show called “The Challange”.

She is also an entrepreneur and owns a stunning fashion house that sells clothing and accessories. She is also a UNICEF ambassador.

What a normal person would do when they lose the ability to walk normally all of a sudden, Daniella Alvarez did it differently. It is a big trauma and the trauma that we are not expected of, she had to. Life will never be the same again, she would not be able to dance and her relations would think of her otherwise even fans might lose a touch with her. Everyone in this time needs a bit of space and needs to be all alone, people would bury themselves in sorrow and hide from others.

Daniella Alvarez says she had not shed a single drop of tear after losing her leg. She had so much energy to take things in a positive manner that she did not get stuck in the mudhole, instead, she fought her way back and became a true beauty queen. What she did has affected millions of her followers, she has become an inspiration to many. No doubt she is so beautiful inside and out. Here is the video of hers as an explanation.

beauty with a warrior spirit.

Here, I will reveal the first picture. This might shock you but it won’t shock her.

Former Miss Columbia Daniella Alvarez

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