Zebra crossing for street dogs

I start to wonder what countries do to themselves to be known in the world map.Some built the highest skyscraper in the world and this competition would not end so easily, some built the world’s fastest train and some built landmarks so brilliant in engineering and design that they stand as the postage stamps.Every country dream of building things that other cannot. This competition of being most extra ordinary won’t stop so soon.I wonder what our country can do, my country Nepal.

Eiffel Tower Paris France
Burj Khalifa,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

So what my country can so amazing as a benchmark for the whole world. I don’t think it’s wise to built the world’s tallest building in Kathmandu or spending the budget on building another Great Wall of China.Even it is not worth to spend the money to have world’s most expensive fire works on any for any given event.

As, I ponder around a thought hits my head.Most of the world’s biggest achievement starts with a simple thought. Strange but true, as the saying goes that the fact is stranger than fiction. The place I am currently stationed has lots of stray dogs, and since the road is a 2 way lane they have very very hard time crossing it. Just the other day, I happened to see a black stray dog nearly in the middle of the road. At any given moment any vehicles or motor bikes would end up his life in a brutal way. I could not stand still, as I approached the dog slowly it just wouldn’t stand still.The dog just went more deeper in the road, I figured out something was wrong.His back leg seemed injured, I wanted the dog to come to path way but he just kept on running as I approached him.I was in the middle of the road, it was a sort of madness.My back was behind, I did not see the approaching vehicle and I was in the mercy of the driver hoping he would see me and just pass by. This game of cat and mouse continued for around half and hour and I was so determined to let the dog either cross the street or just come to the walkway.Finally the dog ran across to my relief there were no speeding vehicles.

Most of the vehicles and driver try to avoid the collision with the street dogs, and also the street dogs have adapted the way.Survival mode is turned on to these poor bastards and they are quite aware on how to cross the street to the other side. Many are unfortunate and they die a very very deadly and brutal death, some just get their bones fractured, some have their ribs broken and open.It is not a strange sight if I happen to find a dead dog in the street in my country every day.

So, why not have a crossing for these poor creatures, a zebra crossing to let these dogs safely cross the road to whatever business they might have.Most are for in the search for left over foods, some find dry land to sleep and some in search of bitch. No matter what is the reason maybe our government should have a pedestrian crossing for these dogs.Well, it won’t cost much of the budget and the cost of training these street dogs just to cross the road using doggy crossing.

what would be the cost of training these dogs to cross the road using doggy way?

Maybe this would stand as a most stupid idea or most impractical thing to do, but what is the harm if we get to know in the world map as the world’s first country to have a pedestrian crossing for street dogs. This might astonish the world, positively the rest of the countries might follow us or negatively we might come to the cover page in some hilarious magazine.Whatever the outcome would be, my concern was the safety of these poor animals and in the other hand doing something that no other country has done before.

If this goes as planned, my major concern is not the cost of building the infrastructure but the idea on training these dogs to use the crossing. Training the street dogs is not ideal, they are stubborn and most of them are afraid of humans because of what they have faced in the past.It will be quite challenging but not impossible. Also the public outcry on doing these stupid things as they may call, asking the government to look at places where humans do not have that privilege and they would ask as well what does this purpose serve. As, I already have stated before it is good for the country to have a spotlight. Let’s imagine this in the news or even Google- Which is the country that have safe street crossing for street dogs?

And the answer would pop up Nepal.

Wikipedia: Nepal is the first country having the zebra crossing or doggy cross as they call it. They are first in the world to give the whole world a message as if we should treat all the living animals and species regardless of their status with dignity and respect. This has provoked other country to start such kind of treatment like building zebra crossing and other facilities to thousands of street dogs around the globe.Spokes person from the Nepal who was leading this project said-“Our biggest challenge was not to built the structure but letting the dogs to use the structure. We would not want this project to be a ghost town, so we spent hours and hours upon thinking and then training these street dogs to use the pathway designed to them.Sometimes we would bring a big dog who would act as their leader, or find the leader amongst them and train the leader to use the given structure then the rest of them would follow. In this process many of the dogs were even adopted by the people”

smart dog waits for the green light before crossing

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